Always running late and searching for ways that might help you have an easy and smooth morning routine? Lets admit it, we’ve all been there searching for life hacks online to save our lives for always being late! Keep reading to add more to the list!

Always snoozing? – Keep the blinds open!

I believe something we all human being everywhere in this world have in common is the habit of snoozing our alarm clock. Then a life hack such as opening up your blinds the night before you go to bed can be a solution to this problem!

Let the sun shine and hit your face in the morning because that it is the only way to get you out of bed no matter how hard you’re trying to avoid the sun.

Forgetful? – Text yourself!

For some reason, I just have the worst memory in the morning. All you have to do is simply text yourself on whatever you need to remember in the morning and quickly get out of the message so it still shows up as an unread message on your notifications bar.

So, when you wake up, you will see a new text message from yourself with whatever you needed to remember. Because lets be real, we all check our phone the second we wake up in the morning! This will help you remember anything you need to, say, submitting your essays, or pick up grandma from the airport, or meeting at 8!

Need a boost of energy? – Drink 1 cold glass of water!

A life hack that I just tried that works is when you actually drink a cold water in the morning, it actually wakes you up faster than coffee! Mind-blowing, I know.

Feeling lazy? – Use keurig to make oatmeal!

I have to admit, this is one of my favourite life hacks especially when you enjoy oatmeal on a daily basis. All you have to do is scoop out your oatmeal into a bowl and when you’re in a hurry (as per usual), why don’t you just use your keurig? Using the hot water from keurig saves a lot of time than heating the kettle up. Just be sure there’s no coffee keurig cups. We don’t want any coffee flavoured oatmeals! Well.. unless you’re into it.

No time for skin prep? – Skincare shortcut!

Cut that 12 step skincare routine and stick to this one instead. Since your skin is cleaned the night before you go to bed (right?), you will need not more steps than the steps you need before bed! Tone your skin with a spray toner, pat it, slap on some moisturizer and find a tinted primer that contains enough SPF that could help protect your skin and cover up your blemishes, so you’re one step to being done.

Still running late? – Lay out your OOTD!

Okay. If you’re doing all of these life hacks, yet, still find yourself running late, then I guess it’s because you’re taking too long on deciding what to pick out for your attire of the day.

Thus, for me, a huge life hack that saves me a lot of time in the morning is to lay out my outfit for the next day on the night before. For some odd reason, I find that somewhat therapeutic. Yes, it’s an extra effort, but I swear it saves you so much time in the long run and so much easier!

Extra Tip It’s even better to plan out your weekly attire and your meal prep, so you’re always one step ahead!

I hope these hacks help you out, and now you’re about to be on top of your game in every single way!