There is no joy better than seeing those two little lines appearing on a stick. Sometimes they come unannounced and as a surprise but other times, years of hard work finally come to fruition. Pregnancy is both a gift and a miracle. Imagine bearing another soul inside your body and shaping another human being to life, it could be a little overwhelming. It’s definitely something new and scary, but know that you are not alone.

Being pregnant in this era is different than twenty years back. There are a lot of things that needed to be adapted to the newly pregnant mom routine, but that does not mean that the old ways should be forgotten. With high technology coming in every few seconds, moms should use it to their advantage whilst adjusting to prepare the little one’s arrival. There are the before and after steps that should be considered into when embarking into this new journey.

Self-help read

New knowledge and recent studies on pregnancy are published every year and it is never a bad thing to learn about the motherhood journey ahead of time. Understandably, the reading books part could be hard for working moms who dedicate their nine to five in the office and would rather just want to rest when they come home. Fortunately, we have e-books for a quick read from our phone, audiobooks and even podcast to listen to in the car on the way and from work. Technology has helped us to access these materials easily when we are too busy to hold a book in our hand. There should never be an excuse to limit ourselves from learning how to better ourselves during the pregnancy period.

Old wives’ tale

Get ready to have mothers, mother-in-law, aunties to breathe down our necks with advice. Know that you should take everything with a grain of salt because their babies and situations are different than yours. Find what works for you. Knowing that still, there is no reason not to listen to what they have to say as they have been there and now they want to share their struggles and troubles with you. Sure, it might be annoying at times, but sometimes what they speak of are true to some extent – for example, pineapples are ‘thorny’ so you should not eat them during the pregnancy period. Scientifically, pineapples are rich in bromelain which could induce early labour or miscarriages but sure, avoid it because it’s ‘thorny’. Like how there would not be smoke if there is no fire, do some research to see if you can back up their argument.

Ask and you will be answered

The modern times is a blessing towards new mothers as all they need to know is on the Internet. Steps that are needed to be taken can be searched through the web coming through from all different experiences. New mothers are able to stay connected in a forum or online group together. Comments and reviews regarding a diaper’s brand or formula may seem menial to others, but the difference between silicon or orthodontic pacifier can make a difference in rearing up the baby. Never underestimate mom groups.

A happy mess

Handling a baby will take away your time, especially in handling housework. Unfolded laundry, piling dishes and toys sprawling all over the floor just means that you are doing your job right because there are always clean clothes and food and your kids play happily. A clean home is a happy home, but the clean-up should not matter as much as the happiness of your family.

Ask for the help you need

Mothers are not alone. Ask for help and let your guard down. Your happiness and mental state are important to the baby and yourself. When the baby is sleeping, try to sleep too. Be sure to pay attention to your own needs. A happy mother is better for the baby and the household than a stress wrecked mother. A stressed mother is more inclined to fall into Post-Partum Depression (PPD). Know your limit when handling motherhood and stay true to your feelings. It does not mean you’re a bad mother if you can’t hold the baby for more than a couple of hours before breaking down. It just means that you are not getting rest properly. Lean to your partners, parents, siblings, and family more in times of need. Know when to ask for help.

Cherish them more with offline than online

Stop taking pictures or videos of them ever so often and start interacting with them more in real life. Be in the moment, be in the now. We should not let babies be used to being brushed off for a second so we can look at our phones. Don’t let them beg for our attention.

Mom bod for life

The most important change will be from your body. There is nothing wrong from being a size 8 to 18, it is not something we should be discouraged or disheartened from. You brought life into the world, all from your own strength. We should not be ashamed of what it made to our body. Embrace the change and heal properly. Let all the tear heal inside and outside before going back to the gym. Adhere to the 30 days confinement and the rules it comes with because the body needs it.