If there is one person that should be treated in a special way, every single day, it is your mother.

“Paradise lies at the feet of your mother” – Prophet Muhammad (SAw)

Through this hadith, it is commonly understood that by behaving kindly and taking care of one’s aging parents, particularly for one’s mother, a person will attain paradise.

For today’s special day, although a mother deserves to be treated like a queen, every single day, we’d like to dedicate this post just for you mothers. You are the real MVP (for your information, this stands for the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in sports. The player with the most skill, who contributes the most to their team, ok mom?). This means you are the best, you rock, the main one. Our mothers pushed us through birth, picked us up when we were born, nursed us, and went through all the pain, watched us go through our teenage tantrums and we may even be the reason behind their every wrinkle and sleepless nights.

Most often, we grow up and are always busy with our day-to-day activities, and sometimes we don’t stop to reflect how she is the the reason where we are now. We are here because of you, dear mother, and we may never be able to thank you enough.

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of being a woman. She knows that her child is both a gift and a trust from Allah. They carry a great responsibility in raising the family, not only caring for their physical needs, but also in educating them in their religion, behaviour and morals. We will never know how much our mothers have gone through until we become mothers ourselves. It will make us think back and appreciate all the constant nagging, tiresome sighs and endless words of wisdom our mothers have said to us. Just as we know how valuable money are now, sooner or later, we will all be quoting our own mothers. Our best critic, yet our strongest supporter. Our paradise in this world.

Our mothers are the ones we should put first, above anyone else. As the famous song by Yusuf Islam says, which lyrics are:

“Who should I give my love to? My respect and my honor to. Who should I pay good mind to? After Allah And Rasulullah. Comes your mother. Who next? Your mother. Who next? Your mother. And then your father. Cause who used to hold you. And clean you and clothes you. Who used to feed you? And always be with you”

I don’t know about you, but while I typed that down, it sings in my mind. Where, or who, would we be without our mothers? It is only sensible that we take care of them as we age. While we are still trying to master the art of being an adult, how will we take care of our parents as they too, grow older?

Mothers, they want to feel loved, to be appreciated, to be smothered with kisses and be hugged, to be spoiled with gifts and have all that they have done be acknowledged. For all the children out there, be it young or old, here are some gift ideas you can give the person that brought you into this world. It’s never too late to give them something special, because sometimes, maybe just sometimes, a simple greeting isn’t enough:

  • Cooking utensils – For the mother who loves to cook
  • A day at the spa – She deserves some pampering, don’t you think?
  • A day at the salon – Some medi pedi for the Queen, maybe a relaxing hair treatment too?
  • A bouquet of flowers – She deserves to feel special and loved
  • Bring her breakfast in bed – For all the time she prepared breakfast for you, no matter how much they want to be in bed!
  • Make your own greeting card – Make it personal and create your own message, add some pictures if you’d like.
  • Cook up something special – If you don’t know how to cook, hey, the effort is there.
  • Bake her a cake – Does she like chocolate cake? or Red Velvet perhaps?
  • Shopping spree at her favourite shop – Time to treat her with some new wardrobe!
  • A brooch, or a necklace, or a ring? – To remind her how special she is
  • A new hijab/headscarf – What’s her favourite material?

Above all, tell her how much you love and appreciate her, because who doesn’t love listening to these every once in a while? Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers! May you be among the pious and may Allah grant all of our mothers a place in Jannah and be rewarded abundantly.