Fashion trends may come and go, but beauty trends are just as fleeting. It comes as no surprise that millennials love keeping up with whatever is on-point at the moment and will go to great lengths to ensure that their style standards are up to expectations. Last year was a cold, dark year for our outfits with the sudden emergence of chokers and utilitarian jackets which were also reflected onto our makeup.

At one point during the midst of hunting for the perfect taupe lipstick, I took a breather and thought to myself, “Is this what it’s like to be a millennial during the 21st century? What would I answer to my ancestors if they asked me about all the honorable and profound things I do during my free time, what with all the privileges and freedom I’m granted with in today’s world; and what if I told them that my hobby is surfing online for hours at a time for the perfect lipstick that’s the exact shade of cement mixed with just the right amount of soil?”. However, when I had finally found the shade, I took some pride in parading around with my low-key zombie aesthetic before I realized that I literally looked like I was in dire need of a blood transfusion and that the shade did nothing for my yellow undertones. Personally, I think some of us were only too glad when the moldy, earthy tones of yesteryear deceased and gave way to the bloom of rose-toned lipsticks of “Spring 2017”.

Initially, the sudden spike in fresh pink-hued lipsticks was owed to the rapid-fire rise of Korean dramas in late 2016 where viewers fell in love with the likes of the hydrated freshness of Kim Bok Joo in all her lip-tinted swag. It was then that the shift began moving from the direction of ultra-drying, matte liquid lipsticks to a full one-eighty turn which saw plenty of sudden interest in two-tone lip bars and moisturizing tints. Even “baking” which, up to that point, had anchored itself into our daily foundation routines from the beginning of the year suddenly took a step back as dewy and moisture-laden BB cushions graced our skin with glistening hydration.

As spring transitions into summer, it is only expected that makeup trends will get even brighter and more complementary to our sun-drenched skin tones. But whether you’re a muted plum or a hot pink kind of girl, makeup trends will only take you so far if you don’t feel beautiful wearing it, because nothing beats the radiant glow of someone comfortable in their own skin.

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