During the inaugural MSME Conference yesterday, hundreds of booths had been beautifully decorated to allow their products to shine and become the stars that they should be. From food, travels, education and more, here are some snippets to tickle your interest, and perhaps motivate you to come later today!

PHOTO: Muslyfe


In tackling today’s high unemployment rate, this innovative company, EXP, created a website that serves to match your qualifications to internship opportunities. They also help with writing up your Curriculum Vitae and offer career counseling as well!

An interesting concept, whereby the service of a tuition teacher is directly sent to the student’s home for convenient purposes!

This beautiful Islamic education app is for children, which contains features such as videos, quizzes and progress evaluations.


PHOTO: Muslyfe

Juste Leather creates beautiful leather items such as key chains, book covers and more! What’s interesting about this company is that they use local designs to decorate their lavish items.


There are many local crafts that can be found throughout the event. These have been hand woven with sturdy materials and the products vary widely, from baskets, carpet to jewellery.


PHOTO: Muslyfe

There were too many to count but just to satisfy some of your curiosity, it includes traveling, from Royal Brunei Airlines to other traveling agencies. The can’t-miss-promotions for traveling are spreading like wildfire, so make sure to book fast for your next holiday destination!

There are also other activities such as diving organized by PoniDivers, to team working retreats by Nur Cahaya Indah Services.


PHOTO: Muslyfe

For all the food lovers out there, have no fear for food is readily available at this fair, so bring all of your dollar bills if nothing else has interested you so far. From ice cream to traditional kueh and pastries, they are available on the spot. There are also some local favorite restaurants such as Ideal, Tasconi and even a café to energise you throughout the day.

So come on down and bring your family, friends and loved ones for an eventful weekend! You might even bump into a familiar face or two. Bring the kids and enjoy the locally made products made just for you.