Music, as we all know, is a form of sound produced by vocals or from various kinds of objects which we can make by tapping or stringing, depending on an object we could find. It is the rhythm we consciously or even subconsciously compose that makes our surrounding just a little bit more enjoyable. There is even an evolution of music throughout different eras of years. There was a trend of musical styles booming throughout radios, and around the world, such as roots rock, which emerged in the late 1960s, disco in the 1970s and pop in the 1990s. More diverse styles of music came around in recent times such as RNB, pop, hip hop, contemporary, heavy metal, you name it.

Music is like a ‘soul sister’. It fills up our souls and is a good company when we are alone. It is there when we need someone to listen to us; and more amazingly and remarkably, music has a way of understanding us more than any human company does sometimes. Music, for me, is a very personal thing which I hold dear to me. It is a part of my personality which I don’t reveal boldly for fear I would get judged or laughed at for my differences at my taste in music. Honestly speaking, I do listen to different genres of music, from sappy sops to even hip hop at times. It was only because the lyrics to the songs are relatable and they felt like they understood my situation at the time. More so, music can be a great balm for heartbreaks and other sorts of heartaches. Knowing this, I felt comfort and knew that everything would be all right.

Music has a way of influencing my mood as well; which is why listening to songs which I adore is more than a necessity. As the short-tempered person that I am, I tend to get moody easily when the ‘wrong’ kind of music is on, especially if it doesn’t match how I currently feel. I’d turn off the radio and would prefer to be silent if that was the case. Henceforth, I have cultivated a habit of bringing my own iPod wherever I go so I could jam to my favorite songs and be in my own little world.

As music is a ‘soul sister’ to each individual, I feel that I have no right to judge anyone for their music style, because if I do, that would mean that I don’t like that part of a personality in a person. In a consequence, I would be rejecting their ‘special’ identity that they don’t reveal much of; and in other words I would not be accepting the person fully for who they are. What is distasteful to me, might mean a lot to the person, so perspective is something that’s just for me to wonder.