This is a photo diary(ish) of two twenty something (never revealing) best friends taking on six days in Bali who did not find love in the form of an attractive Brazilian expatriate but still had plenty of fun….

At 11:00 PM, we arrived in Denpasar Airport from a two hour flight from Brunei. We eagerly checked into our wonderful Airbnb in Ubud close to midnight and unpacked for our next six days.

So what should you do in Bali when you’re not married and you’re thinking of heading there with your girlfriend(s)? Is it an early morning yoga on the rice fields followed up by a flop down on the beach in Jimbaran?

Here’s what we did….

  • Trek Mount Batur at 2 AMWhen in Bali

Yes you read that correctly. We even did it on the first night we arrived. Sleep can wait we said. We trekked for two hours and once we’ve reached the top of the volcanic mountain we were greeted with more travellers and breakfast was provided with breathtaking views.

  •  Explore the Rice fields

My best friend booked us both a bicycle group tour on the second day so we did more leg workouts on this holiday than back home. Ubud is famous for its endless rice terraces and a trip to Bali isn’t complete with a visit to its rice fields.

  • Fine Dining

Halal fine dining is not so easy to find in Bali but we tried out a vegetarian dinner course in the Hanging Gardens of Bali which overlooks the lush jungle of Ubud.

  • Save a day for water activities

Bali has aplenty of beaches for you to swim and enjoy. You could go for snorkelling in Nusa Dua (which we did) and if you have more days you could even take surfing lessons (which we regrettably didn’t).

  • Spa

Bali’s spa options and massage parlours are infinite. Thankfully, we managed to squeeze in our schedule for a whole body massage session. We left happy and primed.

  • Take a cooking class

I love food. I love learning new recipes to try out at home so I had to sign up for a cooking lesson. The best part of this wasn’t the food but it was the experience cooking with other travellers and getting to know their stories.

  • Coffee

Now if you’re one of those who can’t fuel up without coffee you’ve got to make a stop at Seniman Coffee Studio in Ubud for a cuppa. What’s great about this coffee shop is that they also provide pour over coffee for you coffee aficionados.

Is it safe for two ladies to be travelling to Bali?

Balinese people are the most charming people you will ever meet and from my experience they were very accommodating. Be sure to learn a few Indonesian words but a majority of them can actually understand Malay and basic English.

Towards the end of our trip we’ve concluded that Bali is definitely not just for the honeymooners and it doesn’t need to be a romantic getaway. From our trip, we’ve met solo travellers from Europe and Australia who fell in love with Bali’s culture, and friends who just simply want to have a good time. There’s plenty of places to see and do in every corner of the island. Bali has you covered.