I hope our Muslyfe readers are enjoying their Eid, with all the preparations for this festive season just before: all the Hari Raya shopping and sending in your fabric to the dressmakers with your choice of style! It is just so exciting to have what I like to call ‘that raya rush’! Roads are hectic with all the last-minute shopping and errands, believe me, I was one of them getting all the cakes that have been ordered, and then finally, the morning of Eid comes, it’s all good.

What we’re all looking forward to, aside from the food galore of course, is dressing up in our best dress with the makeup to match the Hari Raya mood, and taking our OOTD’s. Scrolling through Instagram, you’re just hitting the ‘like’ button one post after another. I just love how colourful and festive it feels, don’t you?

We’ve gathered three names in Social Media in Brunei and went to check out what they wore for Eid this year. Fina Muhammad, who is a Fashion Blogger and an avid traveler, Nabeela, who is also a fashion blogger and finally, our energetic foodie, Maurina. Too bad you can’t hit ‘like’ on their photos here, but go ahead and have a peek on their Instagram account after this article.

Fina Muhamad Fashion Blogger at weekendfrocks.com

A woman whose style is not only exceptional but very true to herself, very stylish and up to trends: it is no other than the chic blogger of Weekendfrocks.com. For Fina’s second day Eid outfit, she wore this relaxing outfit from a Malaysian label called Nuria which she immediately got the second she laid her eyes on it.

A set in Iris which is designed with a boat neckline, otherwise known as the ‘sabrina’ neckline, which, for your information and for the sake of fashion, was first designed by Coco Chanel which she got inspired by French sailors! Interesting. A style that is also perfectly donned and favoured by The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle for her wedding gown.

We can see how this fashion is making a recall to today’s fashion industry and with the royal wedding still being the hottest topic up until today, there is no doubt that this neckline will stay timeless.

The relaxed fit top coupled with a ruffled mermaid skirt with the boat neckline is just perfect for Eid! It adds elegance to the whole outfit. Fina makes it better off without jewelry on the neck that might only compete with the neckline, she instead paired it with a contrasting pair of earrings in lilac from a Los Angeles-based label, Cult Gaia. Although, this kind of neckline can be perfectly worn with a round pearl necklace too!

To match with her earrings, she added a knotted lilac clutch from Bottega Veneta, a clutch that you can see almost every celebrity carrying these days and completed her look with some metallic PVC pumps from the Italian shoemaker, Gianvito Rossi.

She donned her Eid outfit so well with her subtle makeup and hair loosely tied up to show the intricacy of the outfit. With this look, it is almost impossible for the wearer to be anything other than elegant. Agree?

Nabeela Fadzil – Fashion Blogger lipstickmyname.com

Now, one that needs no introduction, Nabeela Fadzil, who is also known as Lipstickmyname on social media, the fashion blogger whom we all know and inspires us all to take nice OOTD photos. This mother of one chose to be daring and wore an ivory dress by Adila Long for her first day of Eid. A woman who has always been a vivid fashion lover of Adila Long since we can even remember.

A long dress designed with details on the top like the in trend off-shoulder kind of style, that helps wrap her body perfectly. Ruffles are sewn around the shoulder to give it more of a statement piece and adds a structure to the whole look. 

She styled her hijab by tucking it in which allows her to show the whole style of her outfit. A style that we believe is inspired by our neighbouring country, Indonesia. The dress is made simple at the bottom but with a pieces kind of cut skirt which makes it look voluminous. The sleeves are zipped making it convenient to take wudhu, or after all that food caving in your tummy, something a little loose, even on the sleeves, would mean everything!

Less is definitely more! Especially when it comes to Nabeela, she puts her accessories to a minimum by adding pearl earrings that actually matched to the whole look and rings that matched her black clutch from Yves Saint Laurent Kate Tassel Clutch, which just exudes class and elegance to her whole entire look.  

When you have a clean dress like hers, your face tends to take charge and get noticed. Well, with Nabeela’s beautiful facial structure, it shouldn’t be any trouble. She glammed up her face with a smokey bronze eye look and nude lipstick and call it an OOTD picture perfect outfit.

Maurina – Food blogger iammaurina.com

What I love about fashion is that it gives people confidence. When a person is in an outfit that they feel good in, it will represent their personality. It’s really impressive how fashion can do that to a person. So, who says everyone can’t be a fashionista? From our point of view, if you love fashion and you put yourself in a situation where you create your own fashion style and put it on with confidence, you yourself are a fashionista and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This well known Bruneian foodie, Maurina, this year choose to wear this pink abaya for her second day of Hari Raya from Kabajoux, a brand from Kuwait. A dress you can pair with an inner, or wear it as it is.

An abaya which is also a cape dress, which has been making a splash lately (thanks to  Hollywood celebrities) embellished with beads to bring out the exclusivity of the dress. This airy dress can make you feel beautiful even after the tenth house you visit! A day to night look which gives you comfort is always key when you know you have a lot of open houses with all the food you don’t want to miss a chance to indulge in! Thanks to the handy arm coverage, you will not need a jacket to make yourself warm as the day gets cooler.

You can dress it up with accessories, or be like this bubbly Maurina and accessorized it with a pair of dangling tassel earrings. This person here is also no ordinary foodie, one with makeup skills that would knock out your socks off, also matched her eye make up with the colour of her dress. Whether her hair is all out or tied up, definitely, a look that will turn head to this friendly personality that matches her outfit and also, we reckon, adds a dramatic effect to her style, we love it!

What did you wear for Eid this year? We would love to know what you wore for Hari Raya. Whether you’re in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, or the other side of the globe, comment below in the comments section and tell us how you styled yourself to celebrate Eid!