Muslyfe Recommends: “Just Who Will You Be?” By Maria Shriver

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“You should read this book!” my dad said some time ago, in a seemingly futile effort to get me off the couch and “be productive for once”. I took a glance at the book he was referring to, and saw a thin, hard covered blue book that appeared battered and somewhat unappealing. Bold white letters and a singular white balloon graced the plain front cover, so it was a while before I gave ‘Just Who Will You Be?’ a chance. And yet, I found myself rather intrigued and failed to put the book down until I reached the end of it.


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Maria Shriver is exceedingly well-known for her life achievements. She started her career as a NBC journalist and later on had to quit when her husband at the time, Arnold Schwarzeneggar became the Governor of California. In 2011, the couple separated and Shriver had penned several books since then, and is now actively involved in several charitable causes, such as building playgrounds in lower-income neighborhoods.

Maria Shriver’s Just Who Will You Be?is truly an inspiring and exceedingly motivating book based on the author’s personal experience. This is a unique self-improvement manual that unexpectedly brings solace to readers. How she tackles her own personal life’s adversities  is relatable to other people and this provides the readers hope and courage to find their true selves.


The book was made based on a poem Shriver gave at a commencement address for her nephew’s high school. The heartfelt words pointed out that life is pointless when one is idealizing materialistic goals, but that life itself would only be worthwhile by figuring out their own personalities, their passions and how do they intend on fulfilling their dreams. Boldly, Shriver told the audience what they needed to ask themselves was not, “What do I do when I grow up?”, but rather the big question was, “Who will I be when I grow up?”

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The 91-page book contains three different parts: The Introduction, The Speech and The Pledge. In the first component, Shriver shares the problems she faced and how important it is for her to acknowledge them. The Speech contains the ways she confronts the issues and The Pledge is made up of 10 promises she makes to herself towards better living.

‘Just Who Will You Be?’ is intentionally designed to suit readers of all ages. Maria Shriver hopes that this question will be answered by each reader that picks up her book, and that they will be encouraged to actively seek and re-direct their goals in life.