Hello, Muslyfe beauties! I am so thrilled to be talking about lipsticks! Before we (and by “we”, I really mean ‘I’) get too carried away, let me take you on my personal favorites first. I’m sure everyone has their own makeup preferences, and as for I, I have my very own go-to makeup that I usually gravitate towards whenever I’m on the run.

If you know me on a personal level, you would know my absolute go-to lipstick brands are MAC and Tarte. Tarte is my favourite because they have an array of shades which to me are very stunning and a shade for everyone! It’s hard to pick a favourite, but Berry Mojito is definitely my top picks. The formula is so buttery and they glide on very smoothly. I don’t even need to touch up with a gloss to remoisturize after a few hours of wear which I usually do.

So… the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s talk about makeup! More specifically, lipstick! When the topic of makeup comes along, I bet we all have that one friend who is obsessed with makeup. As for me, the only person I could think of who is passionate about makeup is one of my closest pals, Frilina.

Frilina is someone who always looks divine from head to toe. Not just because of her makeup, because of her dashing smile. She’s definitely the type of person who will light up a room just by her presence: a force to be reckoned with. To be honest, our friendship did not start with our love for makeups, it was actually through weightlifting. However, the moment I found out about her makeup collection and obsession, in addition through her limited edition collections and various brands of lipsticks in which just screams “YouTube guru collection”. Seeing her collection tingles the OCD in me and it gives me so much pleasure just to see how she takes after her collection. Friend approved!

Have you ever heard that one saying that says,

“I fall in love with people’s passion, the way their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love”

Well, that is the exact same reaction I got when I asked Frilina about her love of makeup. The moment when I reached out to her to inquire about her favourite lipstick brands, I could feel her excitement radiating through her texts. That’s how powerful her love towards makeup is. The moment you could hear or feel someone’s excitement through texts, that is when you know their passion is real and monumental.

She gave me a list of her favourite lipstick brands, which, I know is difficult for us Bruneians to get our hands on. Such brands range from MAC Cosmetics to Charlotte Tilbury.

To start off, Tom Ford’s Lip Colour Matte in the shade of 08 Velvet Cherry and 03 Casablanca, these colours are long wearing and they make the lips look fuller, which is always a plus. Tom Ford does not bleed and you do not need a lip liner, which in my opinion, is a lifesaver or more accurately, time saver.

Second, Gerard Cosmetics ranges from 1995, Rodeo Drive, and French Toast, these lipsticks are outstanding as they’re creamy, and also makes lips look fuller. Again, it does not bleed and the formula is not drying to the lips which are also a plus as you don’t necessarily have to moisturize your lips every now and then. It stays on for a good amount of time, and Gerard Cosmetics are definitely an everyday colour, especially these three shades.

Third, Marc Jacobs, the shades of 110 Role Play and 150 Eat Cake. The colours are sheer and very-oh-very moisturizing to the lips. The only downside is that they’re not long lasting as you might hope. This is a plus though because that makes it easier to wash off and make ablution to perform prayers.

Next on the list is Fenty Beauty’s matte lipstick in the shade of Spanked. The colour is very opaque, does not bleed and you do not need a lip liner to make your lips look fuller. It is long lasting and it stains your lips in a good way. It does not dry and does not crease on the lips.Fifth, Bobbi Brown in 09 Burnt Red. As exactly as what it’s called, it is a nice burnt red. This can be worn every day despite it being a red lipstick. It has that coral undertone that suits Asian skin tones as well. Pros, it moisturizes your lips and it stains your lips too.

Next, MAC in Studded Kiss, although it is matte, it is not drying. This gives you the illusion of fuller lips. This matte lipstick is opaque and long-lasting. However, MAC in the shade of Twig (satin) is definitely a nice everyday colour, which makes lips look fuller and is too, opaque.

Last but not least, Charlotte Tilbury. Everyone’s favourite brand. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand nor have I ever worn or owned one before. I’ve only ever heard of this brand since I started being friends with Frilina.


For Charlotte Tilbury, there are three shades that I’ll be reviewing here. First is in the shade of Bond Girl, which definitely screams sexy and opaque. It is long lasting as well as moisturizing. Bond Girl makes lips look fuller and it does not bleed.

Second, Birkin Brown is not overwhelming for those who have wanted to try brown lips. It compliments a lot of skin tones because of the red undertones. It is long lasting and is opaque. You do not need a lip liner either!

Lastly is the Secret Salma. This shade is a muted Barbie pink and especially nice for an everyday colour. It does not stray away from your natural lip colour, and again, it does not need a lip liner and it makes your lip fuller.

“I like lipsticks that stain your lips, just because I don’t like reapplying lipstick every few hours. It’s nice because it doesn’t stain your lips ugly ie: stays in the cracks of your lips. It just gives you a nice wash of colour” – Frilina.

“I like to overline my lips. So I’d usually need lip liners for this. The lipsticks I showed are lipsticks that give you the same effect without having to wear additional products and I personally love big lips like Kylie Jenner! So when a lipstick can do that, it’s definitely a big plus”.

So I asked my dear friend why she loves lipsticks: does it give her confidence or does it make her whole look complete?

“Both! Lipsticks bring your whole look together. With or without your full face on, without lipstick, I feel like the look you’re going for, will not make sense.

So there you have it beauties! Reviews on not one but seven lipstick brands! Hope you get to try them soon and best wishes, ladies!