While I’m sure most people legitimately do want to be healthy, not a lot of us are very keen about the amount of effort that lifestyle might potentially require of us. And while there needs to be at least a minimum amount of work that needs to be put in for us to get started on the path of a healthy lifestyle, you don’t really need to spend half of your bank account trying to fill up with your fridge with everything organic. Nor do you have to spend hours on end trying to figure out how to stomach certain kinds of food (I’m looking at you, kale) or even coming up with something complicated for a nutritious meal.

So if you’re looking for a lazy but healthy meal recipe, here are five of them, ranging from breakfast, to a full meal and even a dessert right after!

1. A fruity smoothie!

If you’re always running late in the morning, you might use that as an excuse to skip breakfast at home and grabbing something on the way to class or work. While you might justify that by getting a sandwich that’s more salad and wheat than meat, it’ll still wreck havoc on your wallet in the long run. A fruity smoothie is pretty much the definition of a low-maintenance but high-nutrition breakfast food, because all you need are the ingredients as well as a blender.

See a recipe for it here.

2. Oat pancakes topped with banana slices and honey

I didn’t actually start making pancakes regularly until I was living on my own, and this is for days when you feel like making something a little extra for breakfast, but it’s still easy enough to put together that you don’t feel like you’re making too much effort either. It’s healthy, it is minimal effort enough for my lazy self, it satisfies my sweet tooth, and it’s pretty much the only form of oats that I’ll willingly eat.

See a recipe for it here.

3. Smoked chicken salad

If you have about half an hour to spare, a smoked chicken salad is a great lunch to have, especially if you’re constantly on the go. It’s easy enough to prepare the night before so you can have a nutritious packed lunch the next day, and if you cook a little too much chicken, you can always include the leftover portion for your dinner.

See a recipe for it here.

4. Whole wheat pasta with tomatoes and basil

Speaking of dinner, pasta’s usually a pretty easy dish in itself which makes it a favourite for us lazy people, and it can be healthy as well, when cooked with the right ingredients. Try to steer away from heavy, cream-based sauces like carbonara, and add in a bit more veggie into the dish.

See a recipe for it here.

5. Dark chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert

And if you’re too tuckered out from all of the minimal effort required to make the meals above, you can never go wrong with some melted dark chocolate as dip for strawberries! Recipe not required, as all you’ll need is honestly a pack of delicious strawberries, and a bar of dark chocolate, melted either on the stove or for maximum laziness, in the microwave.