My eyes flew open in the moments just before dawn. I sat up abruptly in bed and wiped away the sweat that had started trickling down my forehead. Sleep had not been the escape it had always been for me for the past few years. In fact, sleep amplified the effects- The effects of worrying. I shook my head; I promised myself that today would be the day I stopped dwelling and started doing, and my doing is to chase after nature’s beauty. I figured that by finding beauty in nature, I would find beauty in me, for are we not all in a way intertwined with nature?

I managed to arrive just in time to the beach. To go to the beach in troubling times in search of solace and self sounds so much like a cliché, but it must be a cliché for a reason, and that reason being that it is the truth.

I sat alone on a fallen tree trunk. I looked up to the sky: The sun was rising and it was beautiful. How magnificent, I thought, is The Almighty for having created a view so beautiful, and this is merely a sunrise. Imagine everything else He has created that I have never managed to put my eyes on- the northern lights, the first falling of snow, the colour transformation of leaves on trees throughout seasons. The Almighty truly is magnificent as He is omniscient. He is present throughout and sitting at the beach whilst watching the sunrise helped me realize this fact. Being one with nature, so to speak, helped me realize that He is all around, and that I should not be sad. I felt better.

Upon my arrival back home, I sighed. How sad, I thought to myself, that I had to go as far as to the beach to search for comfort. I walked to the door but stopped by the pots to take a look at the flowers- Then it hit me. I should have realized earlier, on the drive back home when my hands steered the car to follow the meandering of the roads; meanders that were made to abide by the natural terrain of which the roads were placed upon.

Like these flowers and like the curves and curls of the roads, nature is everywhere, even in villages or cities. It occurred to me then, that in times of sadness or pain or just loneliness, one will be able to find solace without having to travel to the nearest beach. All one needs is to rid her mind of the blinding clouds of worry: One needs to realize that He will always be there for you, wherever you are, as He has promised.