The beauty industry is ever evolving in fantastic, incredible ways, and it can be a little difficult to keep up with the fast-changing trends. Are you up to date to the latest of what’s cool and what’s not? Here is a list of some of the popular trends right now!

Neon Lips

PHOTO: tobeyoutiful_com

A glowing neon outline for only the outer line of the lips is the current growing sensation on Instagram. It is certainly a peculiar look for certain beauty enthusiasts; however, for those who prefer a futuristic and dynamic aesthetic, we say, why not?

Sunset Eyes

PHOTO: chewchewtrain

Sunsets are the epiphany of romance, sweet and all things nice, and it has been transferred to the beauty world to give those eyes a warm and glowing feeling.  The different shades of orange, brown and light red will not only allow your eyes to twinkle, but also refresh your look to a more youthful tone.

Aquatic Skeleton Makeup

PHOTO: the_wigs_and_makeup_manager

Skeleton makeup was a pretty serious trend in the early 2000’s. Now it has come back better than ever, infusing soft tones of colours that are similar to those used in unicorn drinks, unicorn-inspired make up and all things related to a unicorn. However, this trend has resurfaced with a twist: while it does remind you of a unicorn, this is actually an aquatic-inspired skeleton that is thriving to make you look better than your average mermaid!

Mother of Pearl Hair

PHOTO: Allure

Are you a big fan of hair dye? Have you seen too much of ombre tones, seaweed green and pastel purple? Well, here is the latest dreamy hair that everyone will soon want! Known as Mother of Pearl, these colours involve numerous of tones of metallic pastel hair to resemble the beautiful tears of the sea, the pearls. Not only does it make your hair look luscious, smooth and doll-like, it also makes you look like the goddess of sea herself.