Waking up in the new year always makes you wonder, what is the new you? Who are you this year? The constant need to change every year so we could better ourselves from before, to keep on striking the best version of ourselves at whichever point of our lives we would be. We were good, and now we want to be better. As time changes, our aspirations change with it.

2018 had been the year of #selfcare. People started taking care of themselves more by treating themselves with good food and habits or routines that are beneficial to their soul. Coming in 2019, it is something that is still as important as people are more aware of their needs coming first before attending others. This puts a lot of changes to how people perceive new year’s resolutions. It’s more than just achieving goals and ticking off our list, this year is the time for us to take control of our lives and stay in charge.

Rescue the planet.

The world is dying around us and we need to be the unsung superheroes. Plastics are piling up on every corner of the earth faster than a rabbit reproduces and that should say a lot. We need to start the initiative and set an example to generations to come by stop using plastics at all costs. We should be the generation of countermeasure. Reusable bags, straws, tumblers, dishes, and cutleries are considered to be the in-thing now. They are inexpensive, convenient, aesthetically pleasing and lessens the use of plastics around the world. This is the year you contribute.

Back to analog.

With technology growingly incorporated into our lives makes it more important to us. However, the use of these gadgets makes us forget what is really happening in our surrounding. Too much screen time is straining our brain so we do what we can to lessen its effects. This calls for a time out from the machines and go back to the roots. People are putting down phones, picking up books and are more immersed in their surroundings to recuperate from their white screen phenomenon.

Pick up a pen.

Journaling is coming back and it is also another form of taking care of our mental health. Writing daily log helps to improve the memory and being true to our emotions leads ourselves to a healthier personality. Releasing our vulnerability on paper refreshes our mentality by learning our rights and wrongs in our experiences. It is also a form of releasing stress and anger by letting it all out when we write down our feelings. Integrating reading and writing in our daily habit actually improves our productivity and inherently our lives.

Love your blessings, appreciate your hardships.

2019 is the year we accept ourselves wholeheartedly. We are where we are needed to be, by God’s guidance in shaa Allah. This is the year of thanks, appreciation and acceptance. Be thankful for another day, appreciate the clean food and water available to us, accept our struggles which will bore sweet endings no matter what the results are. Everything happens for the good of us, in shaa Allah as long as we refresh our will, whatever we do, we do it in God’s guidance.

Sweat it out.

Body shaming has seen a lot of attention the past recent years. We are starting to accept whatever sizes and shapes people come with. No one tries to lose or gain weight because they want to be a Victoria Secret’s model anymore, they rather aim to be fit and healthy. Working out is a huge trend that has been growing easily accessible for everyone to be comfortable in their own body. Choices vary as simple as a cycling studio or as creative as trampoline exercises, and recently a citizen opened up a public park in his own home for people to enjoy leisurely.

Clean eating.

Or try to. Food therapy is a classic self-care regime that people should not pass. There is an immense number of eateries which promotes eating clean accommodated for our body, but there is no shame in eating for the soul too, and yes that includes eating whatever you want (yes, pizza and the likes) and love but with moderation.

Trash the toxic.

Extreme but necessary. New beginnings don’t just mean new things. If necessary, the old and unhelpful people (and things) need to be chucked out. Know when you are in a toxic relationship to stop and let go. If nothing is beneficial to you and everything leads to hurt, betrayal, backbiting, hatred, anxiousness, worry and everything negative, it is time to say goodbye for the better.

Me time, all the time.

Spend time for yourself with yourself. Everything else is going too fast, we could barely stop and breathe to digest what is happening. Allocate a day in a week to have time for yourself to look back at what has been happening and evaluate your decisions whether it has given you any benefits or not. Do whatever you want to do or always wanted to do before just by yourself and experience new things. The ultimate self-care is acknowledging and then attending to what you need the most. A healthy 24 hours for yourself is never a wrong decision.