… I muttered to myself the second I saw the queue outside of Lady M Confections, Singapore. Having walked for what felt like miles in the scorching humid weather from my apartment to Orchard Central Level 3, I wasn’t going to bail just because the waiting time seemed like it could stretch to an hour. There I stood, patiently waiting to be seated with my all-time Singapore food adventure partner. As we were unpacking our camping gears, ready to assemble our tent and burn our oil lamp, it was our turn to be seated (disclaimer: it had only been 20 minutes).

oh crepe
Credits: urbanouteaters.com (http://urbanouteaters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/lady-M-1.jpg)

My first impression of the place was that it was clean; the whole place was completely decked out in white furnishings. The cafe takes up all three levels of Orchard Central. As I was gracefully walking down the stairs, I thought I heard wedding bells – but it was just the successive pings coming from my phone featuring the rumbles of my empty stomach (it was 3pm and I hadn’t had my lunch yet). Halfway through my descent, I was awestricken with the view; to my left was a majestic view of Orchard Road and to my right was a very distinctive and immaculate glass / mirror architecture with irregular quadrilateral patterns. After some light investigation, it is actually Lady M’s signature look – the all white, glass and minimal decoration.

We were seated at the lower deck where the view of Orchard Road was obstructed, not the best of seats but beggars can’t be choosers. We were greeted by a lovely waiter who acknowledged our Halal dietary requirement (the hijab gave it away). He was thoughtful to advise us on the alcohol-free and gelatine-free options. He then proceeded on to recommend the best-selling cakes after which we were left with such limited choices (you may visit their webpage for the menu, they provide allergen information for each cake). We settled for the Lady M® Marron Mille Crêpes (SGD8.00), the Checkers Cake (SGD8.50) and the Gâteau Nuage (SGD7.00).

L to R: Marron Mille Crêpes, Gâteau Nuage, Checkers Cake

The service was quick, all three cakes were served at once. I like to think that the Marron Mille Crêpes is the alcohol-free version of the Signature Mille Crêpes, though the menu didn’t specifically mention such. It is made of 20 thin layers of crepes, sandwiched together with chestnut-kissed pastry cream and topped off with powdered sugar. The Checkers cake is basically just cubes of vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes glued together with whipped cream and then iced with dark chocolate ganache. The Gâteau Nuage is a more sophisticated version of a classic cheesecake; the crust is made of Cinnamon-kissed graham crackers where the cheesecake base sits firmly with a thin silky layer of sweetened sour cream on top.

What do you get when you put three slices of cakes on a table occupied by two hungry people? Nothingness under 10 minutes. While all three were exquisite in their own ways, the winner for me was the Gâteau Nuage. It was chilled to the right temperature, not too cold that it hardened the cheesecake but cold enough to send a tingle down your spine. The texture of the sour cream was very soft, the consistency silky and the taste? Quite the contrary – not too sour; the crust was the right balance between crunchy and soft, the cinnamon taste wasn’t too intense (good news for those who are not a fan).

The Marron Mille Crêpes tasted like how regular crepe cakes do – what sets it apart, though, is how thin the crepe layers were. The ratio of the cream to crepe layer was almost 1:1. I don’t believe in love at first sight.. But I do believe in love at first bite. As I stuffed it into my mouth, the crepe layers just melt almost instantaneously. You can imagine now why it only look us that little of a time.

All three won in the aesthetics department. I especially would like to commend the pastry chef who had to go through all that effort to ensure precision when attaching the sponge cakes together for the Checkers cake, it made the cake much more desirable than it actually was i.e. a regular sponge cake. Overall, it was a good experience. Would I recommend? Yes. Would I come back again? Only if I have a strong craving for their cheesecake.