Lets say, you have a 10 year high school reunion this Sunday and you’d like to pamper yourself for that event in hopes that it’ll make you feel or at least, look put together. I’d like to have a week prior to do that. So, here are some of my tips and tricks.

First thing first is to find beauty inspiration, be it from Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or you can just Google it up. This can be in form of make up inspiration and help you collect your outfit of the day.

MONDAY. Lets start of by repairing your skin, I usually do this on the first day of the week. Tame your acne! If you’re breaking out from stress – in which happens to me on a daily basis, try using eye drops to reduce acne redness! If you’re lucky to have flawless skin (ah, the dream!), then skip this step to Tuesday!

TUESDAY should be the day to brighten up your skin. As for me, I like to use lemon scrub to help brighten the skin. It acts as an exfoliator to remove dead skin whilst lighten up my complexion. All you need is a slice of lemon and sugar. Lemon also helps in strengthening your cuticles. I do that once a month as well! Do this lemon scrub at night before bed or at least try avoiding direct sunlight right after doing this. 

Once you’re done, just rinse everything off and your face should feel fresh and smooth! It’s like going to a spa for an overpriced facials, only minus the big bucks.

WEDNESDAY is the great day to groom your brows. You don’t want to pluck or wax your brows the night before the event. Your skin might get red from irritation, you need to give your skin some time to heal. 

THURSDAY.if you want good skin, you gotta feed it with the good stuff”. Now, it is time to moisturize the skin. If you have oily skin, don’t worry! Just use a peeling mask or my personal favourite, egg whites! Peeling masks are always fun because it goes on gooey then it dries to a point where you can’t even move a muscle on your face and when you’re peeling it off, it’s the most satisfying feeling ever!

Always give your skin some proper nurturing everyday. I do this by applying collagen masks. Collagen masks are amazing and they always come to the rescue for me. Especially when my skin is feeling a bit dry and dull – which is almost all the time.

MONDAY to FRIDAY is a great time to whiten your smile. Your teeth are very delicate, so try your best to whiten them by doing it slowly. I tend to do this before bed. It has became a nightly routine for me ever since 2015. I grew up watching espanol telenovelas, and they always have perfect white teeth which gives them the perfect Hollywood smile.

In order to do that, I bought whitening strips online or to save up more money, I learnt a DIY tricks – all you need is baking soda, a cup, your preferred toothbrush and water! Mix a few teaspoons of baking soda with water to make a paste. Put a good amount of paste onto your toothbrush and apply. Leave it for a minute and then rinse. Try doing it for a week straight and you will see changes! At the mean time, cut your nails! You want a healthy grown nails that day.

FRIDAY means goodbye hairy legs and armpits! It always feels good and clean to remove any unwanted hair at the right places. If you do it anytime sooner, your leg hair might grow back a little too soon. Also, don’t forget to use aloe vera gel right after waxing, this will help to soothe your skin after a painful waxing.

Extra prepping tips: Find a good deodorant or anti-perspiration product, if you tend to have body odour. If deodorant irritates your skin, use baby powder as an alternative!

SATURDAY. Make up trials! You wouldn’t want to have a perfect base with a horrible foundation, would you? Spend the last day of your pamper session trying out the make up look you want to have and put on the outfit you’re planning to wear. Lay out everything, take out your heels and purse and iron out your clothes. This will give you a bit of time to accessorize and match! 

THE DAY. I find that playing and applying makeup, with scented candles in the background, followed by RnB playing as my background music is definitely my definition of complete zen. It’s good to feel relax knowing everything is sorted out while getting ready.

The most important thing of all, is to fun! Life is too short to worry about one event, because you’re going to have many more to look forward to. Good luck!