Ever since I first started watching Malay drama movies, I am always more inclined to wear hijab on the daily basis looking at them artist donning beautiful hijab styles. But then again, I know myself more than anyone ever will – I know that such motivation will only last me for a day.

You must be living under a rock if you never heard of Hana Tajima or Vivy Yusof. These are the two most stylish hijabi social influencers I look up to. Their fashion sense are undeniably unique and flawless with their own distinct styles, yet both compliment each other in their own ways. Whatever they wear, or how they styled their hijab, were enough to grab the attention of millions with the power of social media – the ability to create a ripple through continents of different yet similar cultures and languages and thus, creating rapport and a sense of unity and belonging especially when you meet someone who has the same interests as you.

Hana Tajima

Photo Credit : Marketing

That is how I first discovered Hana Tajima. I was browsing through YouTube and saw a suggestion video on “5 ways to style your hijab”. Seeing the thumbnail of Hana Tajima styling these complicated hijab (at that time) was necessary for me to click and finish the whole video. I must admit, she wore it ever so effortlessly, but we all know how difficult it was, or still is, to actually pull off that “Hana Tajima signature look”. Until today, I am still scratching my head on how most ladies manage to pull off that effortless hijab look with zero to minimum energy and power muscle into perfecting that ‘effortless’ look. For those women who are currently donning this look; I commend you! Really!

Hana Tajima sparked my interest in donning a shawl in various kinds of styles. But a person like me with little to no patience, I gave up completely. I ended up just wearing instant hijabs. However, with instant hijab, it made me look like I’m twice as old. Maybe, because of its lack of style and also you can’t really pull off different techniques when you’re wearing anything instant at that time. Of course, nowadays, a lot of hijab retailers are driving people towards them by innovating more stylish instant shawl. 


Social pressure from my friends was definitely one of the drive that propels me to really want to start wearing a hijab. I wouldn’t want to be left out. My closest friends have made wearing hijab a very stylish look. I wouldn’t label myself as someone who is very stylish nor someone who is daring enough to dress out of the ordinary or keeping up with the trend. I’m very laid back and I tend to gravitate towards something that screams comfortable. I am all about that comf life. If you ever see me in person, I wouldn’t want to be compared to the rest of the insta famous or shall I say, social influencers on Instagram.

Vivy Yusof

Photo Credit : Instragram/VivyYusof

Aside from Hana Tajima, with the rise of dUCk, I was introduced to its founder, Vivy Yusof. Vivy Yusof is the embodiment of elegance. At least to me that is. The way she dresses, how she is with her family along with her Fashion Valet family, how she manages her own brand as well as promoting other local Malaysian brands shows how truly elegant and dignified she is as a person. With the emergence of dUCk, and the start of my first University’s allowance, admittedly, I was pressured into buying my first ever dUCk scarves.

All for the reason of as mentioned, social pressure from closest friends and also people in social media. Confessing now, I did not want to be left out just because I never own a single dUCk scarf before. First, I bought 2, then it slowly amplified into a whole drawer. From just a drawer it grew into two and a half and eventually these drawers of mine just refuses to shut itself. Now my room looks like it has exploded with multicoloured ‘over-priced’ scarves.


As for me, I had to start slow. I never enjoyed all the nags I received mainly from my mother and my grandmothers pushing, or rather pressuring me to start wearing a hijab. But after a while, when the nagging stopped, I found myself gravitating towards actually wanting to wear a hijab. However, I stayed true to my own personal style. I knew pin-fulls of hijab like how Hana Tajima wears hers is never going to be and never will be my style. So I opted for the more simpler option, yet I splash in a little tricks here and there to give it a little more ‘me’.

Thus, by following hijabi bloggers and their social media as inspiration is definitely how I keep myself motivated to wear somewhat modest. I never actually wear anything too revealing. I wouldn’t say wearing short sleeved shirts are revealing. However, most of the time, I’m always in my maxi skirts, long pants or even midi pants. Never short skirts or sleeveless. Starting slow was hands down the best thing I could have ever done while preparing to wear hijab full-time. It made the transition so much easier. Just remember that God sees your small efforts and knows your true intentions.

May Allah S.W.T make wearing hijab easy for all of us and reward us for our efforts!