Remember those times when you needed your post-it notes, but couldn’t find them and ended up buying more in the end? But then you reached home and you found out that they were actually hidden in your notebooks, or wedged between that awkward space between your bookcases.


So, hands up if you seem to have an endless supply of post-it notes?

You can actually do a lot more than jotting down a short reminder on post-it notes. If you are a person whose creative soul need feeding, then the possibilities are indefinite. Even post-it notes can inspire you to build something artistic and meaningful. And the best part about most of these DIY projects is that you don’t need any other materials other than the post-it notes themselves – in various colours, of course.

1. Wall Mural / Pixel Arts

Do you find yourself stuck in a room that is lacking flair and personality? Are you bored with your own space and looking for ways to brighten them up? Have you ever thought or heard about pixel arts?

It started in 2012, and the trend has flourished since, especially in office spaces. One important thing note is that these projects use “super sticky notes” to avoid shedding.

PHOTO: Design You Trust / Viking Employees | “Elevade” your spirit with a Darth Vader next to your desk. Or whoever you feel relatable most to.

I wouldn’t say these are easy projects. You would need some mates to fill those shabby walls with hundreds of post-it notes if you are thinking about producing pixel arts as big as these. Of course, if you are thinking about doing in the office… consult with your boss, first and foremost.

PHOTO: Example / bruck7 | For the Marvel Superheroes’ fans.

Of course, you can always do a portrait of a person or a scenic wall mural – whatever it is, it’s up to your creativity!

PHOTO: Pinterest | John Lennon in a high-school hallway.

The other thing that you might need to consider before you start is to think about the size of your pixel art that would be suitable for the size of the room. As all DIY projects need: basic measuring skills. 

2. Goal List and Calendar

I’ve tried using sticky notes as a calendar during my university years but the glue of the post-its just wouldn’t hold long enough – for a month – that I needed to keep replacing them every few days. I ended up using a cello tape or blu-tacks to secure them to the wall – a tedious task for what was supposed to be easy – which I would need to take off again when the following month would come.

Again, always opt for “super sticky notes”.

PHOTO: Giddygiddy | But it’s almost June. We’d say: It’s never too late to start!

Post-its calendar gave me the peace of mind of not having to worry about important deadlines that I would otherwise have had forgotten – despite my effort of scribbling them down in my notebook. As I am also driven by deadlines and tend to be motivated at the last minute, it helped me to avoid procrastination as much as I could. Besides, that feeling after ticking off a task off the list left me fulfilled.

PHOTO: Pinterest The Nectar Collective | If you have long-term goals, perhaps you can replace “this week” to “this month” or “this year”

If you prefer to be more spontaneous with your week and don’t have any strict deadlines, a goals’ list is a perfect way to stay productive where you can do things at your own pace. Because let’s be honest: there are some days when you feel so high you could achieve a lot in a day but some days are overwhelming that you’re only capable of doing one. I’ve used this method for my long-term goals now that it feels good to know that I am not being passive – some things take longer to achieve than your everyday goal.

3. Party Decor and Gifts

If you are looking for cheap and reusable party decors, then look no further – post-its are just what you might need. It is the same concept as the wall murals and pixel arts except these are super easy and much less time-consuming.

PHOTO: 100 Layer Cake-Let | A huge number to remind you just how old you are again.

Perhaps, you can bookmark this idea for the future when you need some last minute inspiration to add on to your party activities.

PHOTO: Pinterest | Housewarming or a farewell party?

But what happens after the party? One of the ways to preserve those thoughtful messages you’ve received from your neighbors and friends is to keep them in a jar. Better yet, use unused jars at home where you can decorate the lid to your heart’s desire.

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy fancy and expensive gifts for someone special in your lives. Often, handmade gifts are the best ones; a lot of TLCs mean a lot of effort. These memory jars would be a cute gift especially if the person you’re giving this to, is the nostalgic type. Of course, you can customise how ever you want them to be according to your preference.

PHOTO: Pinterest | A memory jar that you could use to remind yourself that life isn’t that bad.

Inspired already? These projects are relatively easy and realistic for those who are new to DIY projects. Remember there are only a few rules to remember if you’re thinking of a post-it notes DIY: super sticky notes, basic measuring skills and most importantly, your artistic side. 


Syaza is a freelance writer whose life revolves around coffee, cats and heartwarming stories.