MuKaKu cosmetics founder, Edy Zurina, has always been passionate about beauty cosmetics. With the support of her friends and family, especially her mother whom she calls her biggest supporter to push her to pursue this passion of hers and to make her dream come true. Initially, her idea came to mind back in 2014. For her love of colours and beauty, she combined the two and decided that she wants to head to this beautiful creation of hers. As her confidence grew and after learning more about the formulations, she finally decided to commercialize her own brand, MuKaKu Cosmetics.

The founder of As-Salwaa Beauty, Edy Zurina (Photo Courtesy : XSMedia/Safwan Sulaiman)

The theme of the private launch was ‘Unfolding Beauty Through Nature’ which captures the essence of MuKaKu Cosmetics and As Salwaa Spa Series. It comprises of lipsticks, body oil, body balm and beauty elixir, which are not only halal, but also made up of safe, natural and organic ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, kernel oil, rosehip oil and are all safe for everyone of all ages, including children. As Edy mentioned during her launch, little girls often watch their mothers or aunts putting on makeup, and we would always end up seeing them with red lipstick all over their face! This is true, so MuKaKu Cosmetics is a great and safer alternative for them to use. 


MuKaKu lipsticks have a range of colours, which are all named after her nieces: Adelia, Rania, Hanani, Elova and Gisele. With one single application, you can use it as a lipstick, blush, and even a perfect swipe on your eyelids as your eyeshadow! Who needs to bring a bag full of makeup nowadays? Things just got easier!

They also held a lucky draw for 5 winners to have a chance to win a relaxing spa treats and facial treatment at As-Salwaa Spa, and where one luckiest winner of all won a gold bar. After the launch and introductory to each products, guests were well-served with refreshing drinks and light food to elevate the event. A great chance for all guests to mingle with each other and try on their products which were beautifully displayed on the table with fresh golden and white rose flowers.

As I swatched the lipstick onto my hand, I then could see that it has a moisturizing texture to it and I can see how it can be perfect as a tint, blush and eyeshadow to make yourself poppin’ and glowin’. A colleague of mine tried on their body oil and the scent of it just made me want to make my way to their spa pronto!

Photo Courtesy : XSMedia/Safwan Sulaiman
Photo Courtesy : XSMedia/Safwan Sulaiman

The event was followed by a Green Beauty Party, where they gave a makeover with their products, for different types of occasion. Children were lining up eagerly to have their face painted with this children friendly cosmetics, from a ‘no make up’ make up look to a glam up make up look, this is surely an item must-have. It also demonstrates how the products can be multi-purpose and be mixed together to form a strong or subtle colour combination, according to your likings. 

The prices range from BND $32, but at the moment, it is being sold for BND $27 as introductory price, so what are you waiting for? If you’d like to get a hold of these products, head on over to their Instagram @mukaku_cosmetics, or you can go directly to their spa, at As-Salwaa Spa at Unit 3, Level 1, Block A, Gadong Central, Spg 21, Kg Gadong, Brunei Darussalam. In the near future, this product will be available in retail stores across the country and also will be exported outside of Brunei.

We, at Muslyfe, would like to greet As-Salwaa our heartiest congratulations on their official launch. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.