Cats are such wonderful creatures. Owning pets can really have an improvement on a person’s life, but we mostly aren’t aware that they can prolong a human’s life too.

Some research suggest that owning a pet cat can significantly reduce a person’s chance of dying from a heart disease. A study adds to other existing evidence which shows how your cat, isn’t just a pet animal, but a creature which can have a positive impact towards the human health.

De-Stressing With The Feline

Coming home from a stressful day at work or school, you would feel too exhausted to do anything afterwards. But when you have a furry four-legged creature bounding up to you with excitement and rubbing his head against your legs, he’s bound to make you smile. Apparently, when you’re giving your cat the attention he wants, whether it would be petting the feline, or dangling a string of yarn over his head — it will, in turn, relax your mind by reducing the stress hormones in your brain.

Cats Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure Level

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often due to living a high-stress life such as long working hours, or a high-demanding job. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about high blood pressure if you own a cat. A study conducted by a psychologist found that cat owners have reduced blood pressure spikes in response to stress. Just stroking a cat is calming and lowers blood pressure level.

Healthy Heart

Relating to the previous point, owning a cat can also make you less likely to get cardiovascular diseases. A study from the University of Minnesota suggests that people living without cats have a 30 to 40 percent chance of being more likely to die of a heart disease than cat owners. Because your feline friend can help reduce your blood pressure and morale, he can reduce your risk of a heart attack too. People who love felines are also generally calmer in dealing with stress.

Healing Purr

Have you ever experienced the warm fuzzy feeling as your feline companion sits on your lap and purrs ever so contently? It’s a good thing for you as the purring has a calming and health beneficial effect on humans. A normal cat is able to purr between 25 to 50 Hz. This level of frequency is not only stress-relieving, but can also promote fracture healing, bone density and relieves tense and painful muscles. How amazing is that?

Reduced Loneliness

Having a cat companion can really help you out in the long run. A cat is independent enough on its own, but it’s always great knowing that you can come home knowing that a cute, furry friend is waiting for you to give him a scratch behind his ear. Just having them sit by your side as you watch the television is enough to make you feel connected.

Taking care of a cat and gradually having it to be an integral part of your life is a worthwhile experience. It’s also such a win-win situation because even though they will help prolong your life, just remember that your cat will also benefit from how you take care of them. Because to them, you are their whole life.