Islam in its natural state is a very open-minded religion, yet it keeps the ground rules in perspective. Islam teaches us that Allah SWT does not put burden on any human more than it can bear. This is an excellent statement which illustrates the whole dilemma we are currently facing today. Women are strong-willed. We strive to be career women, super moms, super wives, wonderful daughters to our parents and sister to our siblings, that can do everything, because indeed, we can.

In life we need to know how to balance our career life and our duties as a woman. What comes first? It’s a hard one definitely, but with getting our priorities in order we’ll be on track.

Sometimes we need to reshuffle our priorities regardless your income, status or education. A health emergency leaves us with no other choices, but other decisions need to be made, whether it is a family event that we never thought of missing and have been looking forward to going, or to an important meeting that cannot be missed at work.

Having A Career

While Muslim daughters must honor both of their parents, they are expected to always be there for them, and the males of the family are obligated to provide financial support. However, today, more and more females are career-oriented and are tireless in their efforts to care for their families.

“You’re never home, you’re always busy working!”

A sentence that isn’t so foreign to anyone nowadays, especially hearing it from our own family. There needs to be an understanding that how we’re living our lives is different from way back then. We want to be independent financially and to have the freedom to choose. As a woman, these factors are undoubtedly important if we want to enrich our lives. Who doesn’t want to grow as a person and professionally?

Having a career means we get to learn new things, make decisions better, and it lets us have our own identity, we’re out of our comfort zone and we get to meet people from all walks of life. Literally.

Normally we come home feeling tired, barely making time to exercise and then rush to prepare and eat dinner. Sometimes, we even have to skip family birthday parties or religious events. The guilt when someone asks or tells us we’re never home or barely attend family events is quite heavy.

However, one’s intention is important: it’s to support her family. When having children, nieces or anyone from the younger generation sees you, they would wish to be someone just like you, and there’s no better feeling to it.

When I was younger I would see my oldest sister go to work, and gets to buy her own items without asking from our parents. I would look up to her and it surely made me want to grow up to be just like her and do all things that we could.

Work-Life Balance

One of the challenges that we’re facing today is balancing our career and being a family person, so how do we go about that? Many of us may find it easy and don’t mind the long hours and all the attention to our jobs. We have this mindset that without the job, it would be hard to support ourselves and families financially.

Therefore, to make sure that a family is being taken care of, we spend the necessary time to keep our career moving forward.

It feels like as though a kind of burden is lifted off when you know that your family is being taken care of, so we would spend the necessary time to keep moving in our career. About juggling career and family, that’s very important. We don’t want to be too swamped in our work, right? We need to learn how to prioritize, because things could get out of hand.


As a daughter, sister, wife or mother, we need to be clear on our priorities. Evaluate the most important thing in our lives, above everything else. When we’re clear of that, choices and decisions are easier to be made. We all honour our values, beliefs and inner being, and we don’t want guilt to take over us later.


Boundaries, it’s important to know this too, while focusing on our priorities. Are you willing to take that extra mile just to advance in your career? At which moment do we draw the line between family time and work? Setting boundaries is the key to ensure relationships are mutually respectful, supportive and caring. It helps us live in-tune with what we want and how we feel.

The main thing you must learn is how to make family your number one priority. Jobs, friends and colleagues will come and go, but it is your family that will always stay no matter what. Women make their choices based on what is important to them. What matters is their intention for every action and decision they make. If everyone pursued what they loved, what they have a passion for, then all of this compromise will surely be worthwhile. To put your career before your duties as a mother or daughter may take a strain on the family, but with the intention to succeed and accomplish amazing things and support the family, we have to take the necessary steps and sacrifice our time.