Other than the daily fast that we practice, there is somewhat an inherent beauty to this holy month. For a while now, I’ve been trying to place a finger on the sensation. Racking my mind, to find out the root cause of this feeling, this serene and peace that somehow shrouds Ramadan.

Maybe, I’d wondered, it’s the well-versed religious activities happening throughout the month. It could even be the rich waft of delicious food, lovingly prepared.  Or even, maybe it’s the sense of unity between Muslims as we go about with the challenges in Ramadan.

Opening the discussion to my family members while we shared food, I asked their take on what made Ramadan special.

“It’s the food.” A prompt paired with a playful grin from the young, as their ears hitch up with gleeful wit.

“We get to lose weight, and gain it right back again.” Another added in, met with claps of laughter, as we continued to happily munch on our food.

“Maybe it’s because the devil’s been chained and we’re free,” threw in an elder of mine, meeting nods and murmurs of agreement.

And in that moment, as a dissent of laughter welled up, a small murmur popped up at the back of my head.

“Or… Maybe, it’s this.”

This, the crowded table of happy faces with raucous laughter bumbling between them.  The murmurs of ‘pass the rice’ and the radiating warmth of appreciation between plates. It’s the whispers of gratitude that fills into the comfortable silence as we break our fast, together.

The holy month of Ramadan is a special month for Muslims. It is special for so many reasons, for so many people. It’s filled with with so many different opportunities for so many things. From the chance to reconnect with our religion through reading the holy book, and the daily terawih prayer we can follow, to the simple act of preparing iftar for our families, and to share it with them, together.

The geek side of me, likes to think Ramadan as a sort of ‘room of requirement’. What I mean by a room of requirement, is a room that morphs and changes to fit what its seeker wishes to have. In other words:

Ramadan is special because we make it to be. It’s special if we reflect and take the chances it gives for us to truly find what we seek for; be it faith, food or family.

But that’s just my take on what makes Ramadan special; what’s yours?