Music has this uncanny ability to affect nearly everybody in either a positive or negative way. It’s completely subjective, because everyone interprets a song in their own way; often relating to a past or present experience and at times, relating to the reason the singer wrote the song. And sometimes, the best way to experience that is by attending a concert.

I’ll never forget attending my first concert. It was my first year in a foreign country, but luckily my sister was there as well. For my birthday, she invited me to watch Jason Mraz with her in London. We also had a great view of the stage by having seats about ten rows away. He wasn’t my favourite singer, but I still enjoyed his music so when I watched him perform live, I couldn’t believe how much more respect I garnered for his talent. So, if you have the chance to attend a concert (whether it be by a superstar or a YouTube sensation), please do as there are great reasons to attend a concert, such as:

1. Anticipation

You’ve blared their music in your room while dancing amazingly (or ridiculously) in front of the mirror. Or, you might have even sung their songs in the shower while pretending you had Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey’s vocal ranges. And now, you’re finally seeing one of your favourite singers on stage and hoping in your heart of hearts that they are going to perform that one (or multiple) song you’ve been eagerly waiting to hear. Perhaps they even play a new song that you never thought they would play at a show. There it is, it’s happened – you start losing yourself and screaming like little girls (externally and/or internally) and you start singing along.

2. Memories

Let’s face it. We live in a world dominated by social media right now. Sometimes it just isn’t enough to enjoy a singer’s talents by ourselves, so we take pictures and videos to share specific moments of the show on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Happiness is meant to be shared after all! If you believe this singer deserves more recognition or you simply want others to enjoy their music as much as you do (if not more), then why not right?

For those who don’t share the pictures or videos, that’s okay too! It just means you get to look back on these amazing moments anytime you wish.

3.  Dance!

One of the best things about being surrounded by hundreds of people is that nobody will care or remember what you’ve done because their main focus is the singer. So, if the music at the concert gives you the dancing bug, then go for it! You know what they say – “Dance like no one’s watching!”

*Just make sure you don’t go overboard and get kicked out of the concert. Have fun but remember boundaries too!

4. A sense of unity

The great thing about a concert is that everybody has a reason for going and that reason is often because of their love for the music produced by the singer. The singer will often ask the audience to sing along or even throw something for people to catch (merchandise or flowers).

I once went to a Kina Grannis concert and she suddenly thew a bunch of flowers into the audience. Whoever caught this was invited on stage to sing with her and the band. Another concert I went to was an Ed Sheeran concert with two friends whereby he asked everyone to follow an up and down motion with one arm when the music started playing. It’s things like these that really make the feeling of a concert unique and special.

Thus, if you have the time or finances, I urge you to attend a concert. It truly is an amazing and unforgettable experience; especially when shared with the people you love.