Today, while looking for some spare sheets for my bed, I found a t-shirt that had to at least be 6 years old, if not older. And while I’m not one to throw out anything that doesn’t have holes or stains, I don’t actually remember the last time I’ve worn it. Being an ambitious and lazy hoarder, thoughts like, “I can always wear it next time I have time to lounge around the house all day,” and, “I’m sure I can do something with this giant blouse that doesn’t really fit me,” frequently occur and yet nothing may ever come out of them. However, if you’ve got some shirts or dresses laying around and you’re still too attached to let them go, you can always recycle those clothes as home decor to brighten up your home.

recycling your clothes1. T-Shirt Wall Art

You may have seen this hack floating around the Internet, but it is a great one for t-shirts that you may have inadvertently bought as souvenirs, and belatedly realised you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them outside your home. Cut up an “I Heart LA” shirt that you got from vacation, and frame them up nicely on the walls of your living space. It’s subtle, classy and a lot more inexpensive than buying actual wall art if you’re a little strapped for cash but still don’t want to have bare walls.

2. Pillows

If you’re remotely handy with a needle and a thread, why not recycle some shirts as pillow covers? It’s a great way to brighten up the couch or the bed, and all you’ll need are a pair of scissors, a needle, thread and some clothes. If you’re not too confident with your sewing skills, start off with a piece of clothing that you’re really sure you wouldn’t be upset if you butchered up the process and practice from there.

3. Lampshades

This is for the more adventurous of the DIY community. If you’ve got time on hand and you’re itching for a new project, why not create your own lampshades? You can use an old lace blouse for something a little more feminine, or plaid button ups for something a little more rustic. Spruce it up with a bow or a ribbon and no one would have guessed this was made from that polka-dotted dress your aunt gave you for your birthday four years ago.