A dua is a powerful weapon a believer of Islam can have. We make dua at different times and at different places. There is always something we want to wish for. We do not live a perfect life but we all strive to have one. We face challenges and want to enhance our lives, and other people’s lives as well.

Sometimes in life, we overlook things and only wish the best for us, and forget what we are actually here for and even take things for granted. Here is a list of what you can wish for in life, so remember to include them in your prayers.

  1. Wishing for those who have passed. Abu Hurairah narrated that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and righteous offspring who will pray for him”. Strive to pray for him and ask for forgiveness and mercy for him. Prayers for forgiveness offered by the deceased’s children brings great benefits. 
  2. All your good deeds and prayers be accepted. When you make your supplication, you should always include in your prayer that all your good deeds and prayers are accepted by the Al-Mighty. 
  3. Gain more signs to know that you’re pursuing the right one. To have a future with someone, or if you think this is the career that you are supposed to be in. How do you know if you are making the right decision? Often, these type of questions keep you up at night. Pray Istikhara and wish for the signs that you are making the right decision. 
  4. Forgive your sins. At times we are too caught up in this world and want to repent and do good. The sins we have done in the past sometimes catches up with us even with all the ibadah and prayers we have done, we still should pray for all of our sins to be forgiven.
  5. To be able to fund yourself. To be able to have the halal rezeki and to be able to support yourself financially, and to give back to your family, and to return them the favour.
  6. Good health. Be grateful for your senses, your physical and mental abilities. Always pray for good health because good things can always be taken away anytime of the day.
  7. To be surrounded by good people. We all want to be associated with the right people: the ones that push ourselves towards our goals, dreams and lead us to the righteous path spiritually. Who wants to be around that constantly fill the air with negative air, looks down on others and always have something mean to say about a certain person or situation? It sure is exhausting! To be surrounded by good people improves your way of thinking, boosts your confidence to be yourself and encourages you to the amazing person you ought to be!
  8. Peace from war, safety of the people. We can be so full of ourselves, we often forget those who are in a dangerous situation. Our brothers and sisters from all around the world regardless their race and religion. Pray for us all be peaceful with one other. We’re just so comfortable and safe with where we are, but there are others who faces hardships. Remember to pray for they protection and that they are sheltered, fed and happy.
  9. Safety of the children who are less fortunate: the orphans, the hungry, the poor, the abused and all those who are unfortunate to not have roof on their head. Pray for their safety and for them to have an improved lifestyle, so that they will grow up with someone who loves them. When they have a family of their own, they can return the same feeling. The children is our future!
  10. The elderly that have no children to look after them. May Allah forgive us all for being so ignorant. We’re so used to seeing our grandparents with their grandkids. How about those who have aged and have no children to look after them? The least we can do is pray for them: pray for their well-being, that they’re some how taken care of, that they’re strong and fit and are happy.
  11. To stay humble with whatever we get. Getting a career you’ve always dreamed of, having children, a good education, being happily married, traveling the world. With all the good things life throws at you, stay humble, and remember to pray that you stay humble and that those things don’t get in your head so much.
  12. To have good relationships. Maybe you feel as though everywhere you go, no one seems to stick around. Always remember that Allah’s decisions are better than your wishes, so pray that people will see you as the good person that you are, and to disregard all the mistakes you may have committed before and all the aib that people may have talked about you.
  13. For all the animals. This is a few of the things that might be left out from our prayers. There are always animals, near or far, that are not loved, fed and not sheltered. We are so oblivious of our surrounding, we don’t even give these poor animals a second look. Pray for all the animals safety and that they are loved. Pray that all animals are treated with kindness, mercy and compassion, away from all threats.

Nothing is ever silly to pray for. Some times we are just too busy and too caught up in this temporary world, we need to be reminded. Pray everyday. Pray anytime. Allah is always listening.