As young Muslims exposed to different views and opinions, we are bound to settle into what seems to fit into our life as said by the media and society in general, rather than what has been commanded by God. Nouman Ali Khan too – as he had claimed in his past lectures – was a lost young Muslim who didn’t take Islam seriously before his journey towards studying Arabic and the Quran began.

One of the crucial steps to stay true to what Islam had been prescribed for us is to go back to the Quran, with clear conscience and pure intention to reconnect with God. Just like how food nourishes our body; the Quran nourishes our soul. This is essentially what Nouman Ali Khan has devoted his life and career to: studying the Quran and its language in-depth with the hope to spread the message in the Quran and by reaching out to people of different backgrounds through various social media platforms.

His devotion to the Quran is inspiring and motivating; a devotion that can be felt by many, especially through his establishment of the Bayyinah institute. In extension to that, he has written two books: Divine Speech and Revive Your Heart, with the Quran as the central reference.

Photo: Syaza Izzah

Revive Your Heart is written in an easy and straightforward narrative. Some of the chapters would be familiar to those who have listened to NAK’s lectures before.

His unconventional style of teaching the linguistics of the Quran has inspired people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike to discover the hidden gems that are found in the words of Allah. With a balanced approach, he has managed to discuss difficult issues – sometimes a taboo – into a conversation that any modern Muslim would be able to relate to. In Revive Your Heart, Nouman Ali Khan uncovered a broad range of issues divided into five parts – ranging from topics about personal connection with God through du’a (supplication) to addressing major trials faced by the ummah (Muslim community).

“The point of du’a is actually to acknowledge before Allah, it’s an admission to Allah that He provides and we are in need” – Nouman Ali Khan

The author also touched upon overlooked issues such as business and financial dealings; mistreatment of Muslims with each other; and intolerable attitudes towards daughters and women in some Muslim communities, when we are called to honour them.

This is a thought-provoking book that should be read by Muslims of all age and background.

The author ended with a heart-warming note on the temporary nature of the world and how we should seriously nurture our hearts to prepare ourselves in the hereafter.

“My eternal life is based on these very few moments, so my time is no longer trivial. I have to make the best of it; I have to make the most of it. There is no such thing as free time for me now. What the afterlife does is give me respect for my time.” – Nouman Ali Khan

While reading the book, I found myself asking: “Am I the person that Allah talks about in this ayat (verse)?” and “What should I do about myself now that I know that I am such and such?” Of course, it is not easy to “revive” the heart. This book provides an insight on how we can start doing so by no longer turning a blind eye on these problems. At the end of the day, change starts with us and it starts with our hearts.

If you have enjoyed and learned beneficially from his lectures in the past, then this book would not be an exception.


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