Want to get on the floral trend but have no idea where to start? Here’s some ways to wear some floral prints without getting overwhelmed (or overwhelming anyone)!

Rocking Florals for Spring

1. Top

A cute floral blouse or shirt will go a long way to make a sweet statement for your outfit.

Rocking Florals for Spring

2. Dress

Spring time is the best time to be rocking floral dresses.

Rocking Florals for Spring

3. Cardigan

Wear a floral printed cardigan to ward off the remaining chill in the air.

Rocking Florals for Spring

4. Shoes

A floral pattern on your boots will tone down the slightly rough appearance, making them look pretty instead of clunky.

Rocking Florals for Spring

5. Scarf

Floral scarves are a simple but effective way to make your entire look pop.

Rocking Florals for Spring

6. Flower Crown

For the non-hijabi ladies, flower crowns aren’t just a photo shoot look; it’s a cute way to spice up an otherwise drab outfit.


7. Handbag

If you’re not one for wearing prints on your clothes but still want to get in on the floral trend, you can have it on an accessory! A handbag is essential for ladies, and one with a floral print is a bold choice for looking for more adventure in their wardrobe.