We at Muslyfe are incredibly excited to bring to you an exclusive look at the long-awaited unveiling of The Royal dUCk Collection!

#theroyalduck unveiling. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Anticipation filled the early morning air outside the Indera Kayangan Ballroom at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, as specially invited dUCkies gathered together to witness this amazing event unfold. The unveiling of The Royal dUCk Collection, specially collaborated with Her Royal Highness Paduka Seri Pengiran Anak Sarah and the phenomenally successful brand, dUCk was met with incredible response by the dUCkies in Brunei, and we couldn’t help but be swept up by their excitement.

Her Royal Highness giving her speech. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The event itself began with the arrival of Her Royal Highness and her entourage, and the founder of dUCk herself, Vivy Yusof gave an encouraging opening speech about the brand’s story of the empowerment of women and the important values of sisterhood. “We must not forget to support one another; look with adoration, speak with kindness,” were her inspiring words to the ladies present in the ballroom. It was indeed a celebration of womanhood, and all the characteristics of a woman: warm, soft and gentle, or strong, passionate and opinionated. She lauded the collection as the most memorable one for herself, and how Her Royal Highness continues to inspire us to be better women.

Her Royal Highness and Vivy Yusof after the unveiling of The Royal dUCk Collection. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Vivy’s speech was followed by that of Her Royal Highness herself, who revealed that the collaboration began with one woman to another being able to make a connection and relating to one another. Her Royal Highness spoke about the way the collection celebrates the defining characteristics of what makes every woman truly special, and was touched to see the hard work and determination put together by everyone involve in the making of the collection. Her Royal Highness ended her speech by poignantly encompassing the facets of womanhood and was iconic in her moving words of how we are the engine of progress to build a better world, one small step at at time. Finally, both Her Royal Highness and Vivy unveiled The Royal dUCk in all their beauty: four gorgeous scarves and scarf bags that speaks of the different and wonderful aspects of womanhood.

A sneak peek of the items in the goodie bag! (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The event continued with refreshments, games as well as spontaneous interviews around the room as dUCkies eagerly shared of their experiences of getting “dUCk-ed”. Among them were the mother, and husband, of Vivy, who were lovingly enthusiastic in their praise for her. The morning ended with the departure of Her Royal Highness and entourage, as well as an opportunity for the invited public to view the limited edition collection by dUCk from up close.

There will also be an event for the public today from 2pm to 10pm at the Indera Kayangan Ballroom at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, where you can place your preorders for the scarves, as well as their corresponding scarf bags. So what are you waiting for, dUCkies?