We are constantly in a state of motion. A state where we are always in a pursuit of something in our life. Some chase for lost time while others chase for fame and fortune. There are even those who chase for praise just to get that stamp of approval from anyone other than themselves without even realizing it. Why is that?

We each have our own personal goals that we want to accomplish in life. So we work extremely hard to achieve them. As a result, we tend to get caught up in the things we do that we leave no time for ourselves.

Do we truly know ourselves if we do not have time to reflect on the things we have done on a daily basis?

Fundamentally, self-reflection is about finding and learning more about ourselves and our own true nature. It is the first step in purifying the heart. The result of self-reflection is the realization of the core values we have within ourselves and knowing what we stand for. And these values should be integrated into our daily lives. So take a moment in our busy schedule to ask ourselves these questions:


1. Am I living a life worth copying? 

We should live our lives full of character, sincerity and integrity. Almost everyone has someone they look up to so it is possible that the person whom they look up to is you. Show everyone your best self.

2. Am I treating the people around as they should be treated? 

We have to be mindful in the things we do on a daily basis. Do not be impulsive and always be thoughtful about the things we do and say to others.

3. Am I adopting a healthy outlook on life? 

Try to zoom in on a new perspective and approach each issue we face in a glass-half-full manner every now and then. In addition, we might view those issues we face in a completely different light and maybe even find a simple solution for each one.

4. Am I respecting my body the way it should be respected? 

When we are faced with a busy day-to-day schedule, our physical well-being can be placed on the back burner if we are not aware. So maybe cancel that weekend plan to binge-watch a TV show with junk food and swap it with a hike somewhere. Who knows what you will find at the end of the hike; it could even be a better lifestyle.

5. Am I maximizing my time with well-intentioned activities? 

We all want to matter at the end of the day. So form a bond and build fond memories with the people around you. The smile you give out may make someone else’s day.

6. Am I taking anything for granted? 

We are surrounded by countless blessings. We should always take a moment, even just a minute, to appreciate the things we have around us. Be grateful for the roof above us and the people who support you no matter what.

7. Am I stressing out about the things that don’t really matter? 

Stressing out about the things that do not matter is a waste of your time, energy and effort. Identify those unnecessary stress factors that are beyond your control and work towards eliminating them.

8. Am I living up to my core values?

Identifying our core values is one thing but living up to it is another. Finding them is not too difficult but living our lives with our core values being prioritized will make the way we live more authentic and happier.

9. Am I where I want to be? 

This is the age old question everyone should be asking themselves every now and then. Each of us has grown up with a set of goals we want to achieve before a certain point in life. This question helps us to reflect about the choices we have made thus far and use the answer to make better decisions in the future.

The truth of the matter is, no one is perfect. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. Evaluation of oneself is just one of the many tools to better ourselves for the days to come. Although, it can be something difficult to do at times but with vigour and patience, it is possible. By consistently employing self-reflection in our life, we can ensure that we are moving on the right path to a better lifestyle.


Rifhan Ideris is a freelance writer for Muslyfe. He believes in finding simple inspiration in the littlest things.