October’s around us, there’s a sudden chill to the air, and if you’re a student, especially so.

Some of us are in the midst of our school year, or just starting out! But no matter, this article is aimed to give you a whirlwind of must haves that can be used at any time of the semester to help you out in your studies!

” Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every muslim.”

– At-Tarmidhi Hadith 21

  1. Organizers

In my humble opinion, anyone can start having a journal at any time of the year. Middle of the semester, beginning, or even the end of the year. The trick is merely not when you start, but in the habit of keeping it.  Simply start up your very own personalized organizer in the form of a bullet journal.

This is of no great problem, as you can simply grab a book (preferably a dot grid book or just a square grid book) and doodle to your heart’s content for a more personalized organizer for the rest of your school term!

2. Home is Where The Heart is

What better way to coax you through your school term by making your room your home! Having an inviting and comfy environment to come back to is a definite must have for your schooling experience. This is especially true for those studying abroad, stuck in dorms, or renting a place away from home. Keep your place clean and tidy, and you could fend off those drone-like blue feels away more easily!

Note: Not to mention, it’d also be easy for you to find everything when you’re running late for class.

3. Mindset

Sometimes, amidst the busyness of the semester, there will be many trials and tribulations. Be it from mountains of assignments or glaring marks from the latest test mark, there’s bound to be something that’s got us out of it. So, why not try something new? Something a little bit out of your comfort zone?

“It’s not what happens to you, but how how you react to it that matters” – Epictetus

There’s no better way out of a funk, by trying to change something that you can change. Be it adopting a new fun hobby, like sports or stamp collecting (you do you, guys), or maybe just even getting a new mindset.

Hint: If you’re a night owl and have morning classes, you can try reading this article here for ways to wake up in the morning.

4. Du’a

In each and every period of our life, we should also have remembrance to the Almighty. University students, in their pursuit for knowledge, should not forget their spiritual responsibility. It is often easy to get lost in between assignments and studies, but ease is also often found in prayer.

“Remember Me- I will remember you.” – Surah Al-Baqarah [2:152]

Side note: A list of good and handy protective dua’s can be found here.