We have entered a new year, and we should have a review on our wardrobe. Every year whenever I feel like I have too many clothes and need to give some away, I always make sure to have a few items of clothing that I need to keep or replace if needed. Basically, they are the go-to clothes that are always reached for. These seven essentials can serve a basic to classic look all from the depths of your wardrobe.

Scarves for days

Nowadays there are a variety of headscarves available for everyone to choose such as shawls, pashmina etc. There is no right or wrong type of headscarves, preference is what matters to each of our comforts. Beige or cream are colours that go with everything and can never go wrong. It gives a soft and elegant look, no matter what your skin tone is and its natural base pairs beautifully with a light, dark or strong colour outfit.

Basic long sleeved something

A basic long sleeved shirt, tee or blouse always completes the look any time of the day. Its simplicity creates a minimal and effortless look. A white long sleeved is the go-to for a sophisticated image without having to think hard about it. It pairs nicely with all types of pants, jeans, and skirts. Other colours are amazing as well to serve different types of look.

Palazzo pants and boyfriend jeans

These flowy pants give a chic look towards the wearer which is suitable for all occasions. They are effortless and still make you look modest. It’s an easy breezy pair of pants to work with, shirt tucked in or out. The same goes with boyfriend jeans which fit to your modern woman needs. It is basically your comfortable loose home–pants but in a different and more stylistic material.

Maxi skirts

Wavy and feminine, nothing can stop us from loving these skirts (or the fact they make you feel like a princess). They accentuate your wardrobe in a variety of choices. They come in cute and fun patterns, and for the minimalistic look, in solid colours. Not only are these skirts modest but on a hot sunny day, they are a lifesaver!

Dresses / Abayas

Long dresses or abayas is something everyone must have. It is the most flexible attire that we can incorporate to our look, our very own ‘Little Black Dress’. We can wear it to formal occasions with a few statement pieces put on to it or go grocery shopping with our casual clothing underneath it. It comes in all colours and designs, from a basic long black dress to a bold and colourful design with beads and whatnots.

Shoes for all occasions

Shoes always complete the look at the end. Classic black flats will go with all styles no matter what the occasion is. They are very durable and comfortable but also gives you an elegant and carefree look. But if you want to be extra, a classic three-inch pump will give your wardrobe a boost of grace.