At some point or another, a person might wish they had a reboot button just like our phones and computer. If you feel that you are stuck in a pattern and need to make changes, you’ve come to the right place. It is the season of renewal, so pay attention to your instincts this season. They’re telling you it’s time to do some spring cleaning for the soul. Perhaps you want to lose weight, or get outdoors more, or make some new friends. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to refresh your intentions so that you can start fresh. Here are seven ways for a fresh start to the new year:

1. Let go of what didn’t work for you

Past grievances, past heartbreaks, unhealthy eating habits, toxic friendships or relationships. I know it is easier said than done, but allow yourself to move forward. Some things are not worth holding onto. Start living with the thoughts and actions that empower you, not the ones that make you doubt yourself. When you are in doubt, ask yourself, “does this decision help me move forward?”. You will be able to realign what you need to do and make better decisions.

2. Make peace with the past

It’s not healthy to keep clinging onto the past. Making peace with your past can be extremely difficult. Our minds tell us to keep reliving it through and through, and that’s not good for our body and soul. It adds zero value to our present life. Accept all your past defeats and past wins, your past mistakes or brilliant decisions. Accept that the only option that you have to live in the ‘now’ and keep moving forward.

3. Strive for excellence, push aside your need for perfection

Perfection. It is a big trap of the mind. Perfection means that you have reached the end of the journey, that everything is how it’s supposed to be, how you pictured and hoped it would be. That puts a lot of pressure on your shoulder so instead of chasing perfection, try to strive for excellence; being better and giving yourself room for change.

4. Redecorate

Redecorate. You know the saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Declutter all the items that you don’t need and have no more value to you. Rearrange your furniture or add new framed pictures to your bedroom for a new look.

5. Restart your morning routine

Mornings are certainly underrated. They have a huge influence on our lives. A small insertion in your morning routine could have incredibly deep effects. In fact, the way you’re starting your morning will completely shape the way you’re spending the whole day. A butterfly wing in Venezuela can generate a storm in Australia, they say.

6. Laugh more

It may be that you’re fighting to get back your life, to find your purpose or to attain your goal. Be there, be a warrior, but don’t forget to laugh. Even in the most difficult part of your lives, you can find reasons to laugh. Too much commitment, too much strain, too much seriousness will have in the end the opposite effect. They’ll drag you down.

7. Get your priorities straight

Everyone goes through different phases in life, where daily routines keep changing. Sometimes we get dragged out or why we’re even in them. When we don’t have our priorities in order, it is easy to go off track. Make time to pray more, to spend more time with the family, do more than just watching the television or what’s happening in the next episode of that show.