Ever heard the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s one of those sayings that has the capacity to put a lot of things into perspectives. To put it simply, what one person deems worthless may worth a king’s ransom to another. We are, in a way, giving these items a second chance in life.

The term ‘charity’ can be quite intimidating to some, especially when they are strapped for cash. You’re not stingy or ungenerous, you just aren’t in the position to do so. Be that as it may, this noble practice shouldn’t be something that puts us in a state of nerves… or guilt. Even if we don’t have a single cent to offer to those in need, there are always other ways for us to be charitable. When decluttering your bedroom or your entire house, you are bound to dig up a number of ‘junk’ items. Your first instinct might be, “Yikes! These have got to go!” It’s rather natural, if you ask me. But if we look real closely, one of the many items may still be in good condition ― how about giving it to someone who would find it valuable?

  1. Books, for instance, that load up your mind with knowledge and wisdom deserve to be passed on. By donating books, you’re also bringing the joy of reading to people who might otherwise have no access to books. Textbooks from your past school, old but gold novels, fruitful lecture notes, and the list goes on. You can choose to donate it at a charity drive, a book swap place, to schools and libraries, or simply get in touch with your fellow bookworms and have them pick the books. Rather than tossing them out, give them away! Others get to save some money, and you get to have more space for more new ones. And imagine all the blessings and rewards you gain when someone else acquires from the knowledge you have shared. It’s a win-win situation.
  2. Clothes and accessories. Is your wardrobe cluttered? Or are you just a sentimental hoarder? Are you thinking of settling this issue? We say give them away! Clothes that you have outgrown, or have been in your closet for a while, or haven’t touched in the last six months… or accessories that you no longer are fond of perhaps? So you end up leaving them high and dry inside your drawer… completely untouched. Don’t let them sit in your wardrobe or box in a storeroom for far too long. Now’s the time to freshen ’em up for the greater good.
  3. Shoes. If you’re one of those people who own way too many shoes, to the point where your shoe racks let out a howl of anguish, “AH! I NEED SPACE!”, this is for you. Say you have shoes that are still in perfectly good condition; they either don’t fit you because you bought one size larger, or maybe you’re just bored of them and you can’t see yourself wearing them anymore because you have a change in taste. Give your shoes new life by donating them to charity. Who knows… You might make someone’s day or year with a pair of shoes!
  4. CD’s, VCD’s and DVD’s. With Netflix taking the place of DVD’s, VCD’s and CD’s by storm, it is very likely that you have a shelf full of CD collection that you don’t even watch anymore. When was the last time you watched your favourite movie on the DVD player? It may or may not come as a surprise, but some households still have and use DVD and CD players in their TV room as a source of entertainment. So box up the ones you no longer want and drop them off for donation.
  5. Toys. As kids grow up, they gradually and inevitably lose interest in certain stuffed animals and other toys. Unwanted toys tend to take up a huge amount of space, making them just the perfect items to give away. Legos, stuffed animals, dolls, cars, an old portable piano, … you name it. Show your support by gifting new or used toys to the nearest hospital or clinic, non-profit organisation dedicated to children, local shelters, and more. As other kids get to enjoy and play with the toys, the cycle of glee and jollification continues.
  6. Furniture. As our needs change, so do our needs for furniture. All the unused shelves, cabinets, chairs, old beds, couches and baby cots that you’ve been storing away, should have a proper owner, who will actually make use of it. You might surprised at how creative people can get with recycling old furniture and making it look brand new!