I could talk all day and night bragging about all the best things for online shopping. Simply making purchases in your pajamas at any time of the day to seizing last minute purchases with super-discounts, the convenience is unparalleled. Online shopping helps a lot, especially when the festive season is just around the corner and all the items that you need at every physical stores have been sold or even worse, cost more. A variety of categories, from essential home needs to vintage customized gifts for your loved ones, are all available online.

How can online shopping get any better? Despite the fact that you cannot haggle any pricing online, the tips below will help you to be thrifty when you are shopping.

  1. Get Smart with Dynamic Pricing

Have you ever experienced that moment when the air ticket you have been eyeing to purchase for your next getaway has suddenly spiked up in price? That is what the business strategists call the dynamic pricing. It adjusts the pricing based on where the location of the purchase has been made, how often they are made and what the clienteles’ usual patterns are, as well as how businesses can earn a competitive advantage from it.

So how can we a get reduced pricing?

  • Be diligent in clearing your browser history and cookies.
  • Do not leave any of your social media accounts open.
  • By switching to incognito mode on your browser, your location would be untraceable from the commercial center.
  • Choose less developed countries as ‘home’ to get better price ranges when searching for airfares.
  1. Identify Shopping Days and Compare Prices

Every online shopping company has their own ‘shopping days’. That is the days when they released discounts, coupons, free gifts and more. For example, for artists and designers, check out the Creative Market every Monday for 6 free gifts ranging from fonts to graphics. Look for cheap airline tickets on Tuesdays and seize the weekend sales every Thursday at various retail stores such as H&M and Kohl’s. If you are interested, do check out thekrazycouponlady.com for more detailed information.

  1. For the Love of Coupons!

Have you heard about using coupons online? If you have, I would like to pat your back for being smart. If you have not, read on. Companies would more often than not make use of any Internet medium to attract their customers to spend more. So signing up for their membership, subscribing to their newsletters and even following them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram would be some of the ways to personally receive discount coupons and occasionally up-for-grabs free gifts.

From my own experience, it pays to sign up as member, as you can receive coupons of discounted price airlines tickets which are sometimes up to 70% off. Among my friends, some have even acquired free make-up giveaways promoted on Instagram. Therefore, do not lose any more opportunities and take some time out to check out the coupons.

If you ever need more coupons, you can always check out rather-be-shopping.com & retailmenot.com as they list down almost all coupons’ stores worldwide, varying in assorted number of categories that would keep you busy checking till next pay day.

  1. Compare Prices

The best way to save is to plan your purchase ahead. Take some time to survey and compare prices to avoid spending more than necessary.

a. Online prices versus in-store prices – Online goods are usually cheaper but from time to time, you could get better offers at physical stores.

b. Compare prices online – you could compare prices of similar products at various online sites through mysimon.com & bizrate.com.

  1. Fill Your Cart and Leave It Be

Yup, that’s right. When you are satisfied with your selection and you are ready to pay for the items, wait and leave the cart overnight or two. By doing so, it would prevent you from any impulse purchases and give you more time to rethink which items are truly needed and which ones are wanted because it was on sale.

Some online retailers would even offer further discounts to encourage you to settle the purchase as soon as possible. Thus, days after leaving the cart, check for any price changes that would add on to your advantage. However, these chances may only be presented to members and subscribers of the retailer’s company.

Thrift shopping will help you to save more money, but it will not prevent you from any impulse purchases. So be thrifty and keep a healthy savings account by buying only what you need when you need it.

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