These days, it’s almost like second nature to wake up to the news of a new terror attack, or yet another incident of political shambles, or even just something inherently stupid that went viral on social media for a good two days before the subject of the stupidity eventually fades into obscurity again. Thanks to the 24/7 media presence permeating nearly every aspect of our lives, we have instant, constant updates on just how hopeless humanity seem to have become, and it’s become somewhat of a farce, with how often we see listicles digging up Twitter and Tumblr memes about how “These 27 Posts Will Make You Lose All Faith in Humanity”.

And it’s so easy to focus on the wrongs and the hurts, how inherently blind and selfish some people are, because those gain more attention and it becomes the living epitome of the saying, “it’s like watching a car crash, you can’t keep your eyes off of it” because it’s true. It’s easy to look at the actions of a deluded person and think, “Wow, if someone is capable of such heinous acts, isn’t everybody?”

But, we forget that humanity isn’t just a vague philosophical concept; it is a mass of 7.2 billion people who live and breathe and think, and how unfair is it to condemn the entire human race because a percentage of them are more than a little messed up in the head?

(Judging from the recent attacks, I’d wager to say they’re probably a lot more than just a little messed up, but I digress.)

And we forget as well that you and I are a part of this collective that inhabits this world; your actions and my choices affect this world, and we are not exempt from this condescending blame when we lay it on humanity for all the wrongs that have occurred in places halfway across the planet and mere miles away from our doorstep. No one’s stopping you from spewing hatred and rage except, perhaps, righteous keyboard warriors who might mean well, but are also contributing to the problem where there is way too much criticism and condemnation and too little compassion in return.

I don’t believe that humanity is so far gone that there’s no faith left to spare for it.

I don’t believe that just because someone chose to bring destruction and despair on their fellow people, we can choose to ignore the parts of humanity that are ugly and war-torn and in even more dire need of kindness and love.

What I do know and believe, is that we are responsible for the fate humanity carries for itself, in big and small ways.

If you’re sick and tired of how awful humanity seems to be lately, then step up. Be the impact and the change you want to see in humanity.