Are you looking for a sport that is something a little of the ordinary? We have listed down six weird sports that you probably have never heard of that you might find interesting. Who knows, you might want to try it after reading these below.

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1. Extreme ironing

This is an extreme sport in which people take their ironing boards to odd locations and iron their items of clothing. It is a performance art at its finest. Scuba diving, bungee jumping and mountain boarding are already extreme, but try adding ironing to the mix. Extreme ironing takes people outside of their comfort zones and everybody loves a thrill! I mean, I do not mind at all if you could include my clothing in there.

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2. Panjat Panjang

Panjat Panjang is the Indonesian term for ‘long climb’. It is one of the classic pole climbing challenges of the world and is part of the annual Indonesian independence celebrations that the entire town and villages around the country enjoy. Nut-tree trunks are placed vertically in the ground with objects hung as prizes at the very top. These objects would usually include bicycles and televisions. The tough bit is that the poles are covered with oil or other lubricants, which makes it impossible for someone to actually climb and get up there. Contestants need to work together to reach the top and split the rewards. Good teamwork can be seen here!

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3. Bed Racing

Bed racing happens to be a strange sport where people compete racing in a bed. This sport has been made popular and embraced by the people of Knaresborough, England, and has attracted many spectators from all around. The competitors race in teams of six, one of them being on the bed. Each team must have their own bed, decorated according to the theme for the year. The bed runs on four wheels, and depend on human power only, that means no brakes, no motors and no steering mechanism. The theme is always different, you might see people dressing up in cow costumes, or as Fred Flintstone. Interesting!

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4. Chess Boxing

There is no finer sport that matches one’s intelligence and strength than chess boxing. Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that is a combination of chess and boxing. This sport is gaining popularity in Germany, UK, India, and Russia. The bouts start and end in chess play. The chess can last up to three or four minutes, while the boxing match can last up to three minutes.

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5. Wife-carrying

Wife carrying is a contest in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate. The goal is for the male to carry the female through an obstacle track in the fastest time. The sport was first introduced at Sonkajärvi, Finland. The sport actually started as a joke in Finland, supposedly people reminiscing of the past in which the men courted women by running to their village, picking them up, and carrying them off. So picture a race where a group of men slinging their wives or partners over their shoulders, hurdling off on a one-hour race, with fans cheering from the stands.

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6. Elephant Polo

We’ve heard of polo, the horse mounted team sport, but have you heard of elephant polo? Apparently, it’s popular in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and India. It was first introduced into India in the early 1900s by the British aristocracy. While it is in fact, a rather slow paced game, the skill level of the two riders is said to be extraordinary, as one steers and the other hits the ball with a long cane.

Have you heard of any stranger sports? Share below!