Alittle over 7 months since her brand was chosen as one of the representatives from Brunei at the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017, HZNO has exclusively launched their first collection called Loveless. A collection with its own story and meaning, each design will leave you feeling nostalgic of your high school days. That is exactly what Loveless is trying to exude – high school memories. From the symbolic white shirt that resembles uniformity to bomber jackets, and to the checks and stripes that represented your school spirit. The inner school girl in all of us can definitely resonate with these stunning pieces. But most importantly, this collection is about self-expression; the art that defines us.

As the vacant seats began to be filled, I could feel the excitement and anticipation among the friends of HZNO. Looking around… I could see everything that reminded me of my high school years: crumpled papers, study notes, exam papers, comics from the past, and the list goes on.

The woman behind HZNO, Humaira

Getting up close and personal with Humaira Zakaria, the founder and designer of HZNO; she tells us about her Loveless collection and the journey of each fashion piece. Her approach in seeking inspiration is by incorporating her feelings and relating them to the movies she has watched and the books she has read. Humaira further describes her creative process by browsing through Pinterest whenever an idea strikes, and building a relationship between pictures, even when the results show no apparent connection.

The models donning some of the Loveless collection

Loveless came about when Humaira realized that she can’t let go of her teenage years, particularly her transition from being a student to being a working adult. And the best way to express it… is through fashion. “I wanted to do a fashion collection based on feelings. It’s a bit rare, but this is how I work,” Humaira shared. All the roses and thorns we experienced as teens in high school, you can feel how personal and genuine this collection is to her.

Throughout the designing process, she also highlighted on the importance of picking the right fabric. From researching, fabric searching, tailoring – all of this was done last year. But it wasn’t until this year that everything was finally finalised. It’s truly inspirational and admirable seeing how passionate and dedicated the woman behind HZNO is towards the brand. And it’s definitely something we should learn from.

So what’s next for HZNO, you might ask? Besides hoping that the collection will receive a lot of love, Humaira wishes to keep improving HZNO. On top of that, Humaira also mentioned that she is currently working for UPSYKL. For those interested in getting a piece or two from the Loveless collection, feel free to contact @HZNO on Instagram as they’re now taking pre-orders.

We at Muslyfe would like to congratulate HZNO on their first ever collection! We look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.