“There is in the body a clump of flesh – if it becomes good, the whole body becomes good and if it becomes bad, the whole body becomes bad. And indeed it is the heart.”


The hadith above gives us a much broader insight into the goodness of one’s heart. It is basically projecting that it is our heart, which decides most of our actions. If our heart and soul is filled with the fear of Allah SWT and love for His Messenger, then such a person would act rightfully. Same goes with the logic of, if the heart is good, then it makes use of the knowledge and it avoids what is prohibited, and if the heart is bad, then they are more prone in indulging what is prohibited.

Therefore such as that, we find that stress is being placed on our hearts, especially when the heart IS the part of the body, in which Allah has favoured over all the other parts. The heart is sacred as it is the place of one’s iman. As iman is the most valuable thing that a human being can have. Iman, in Islam, makes us grounded, makes us sane as it pulls us back to the reality that our time in this world is only temporary.

Iman and our heart is the distinction of those who have belief and those who have disbelief.

However, the sacred or the purest of the heart can be a little bit tricky. Yes, us as human beings can indeed soften a hard heart, but to what extent, really? A rich individual can be oh-so-generous with his wealth and give it to charity with the sole intention to have people praising him for his generosity. But, Allah knows, He always does. If you did it for the praise and you indeed were praised, when there was no sincerity there and it was definitely not for the sake of Allah. You did it for as long as people appreciated it and thus, your generosity was only conditional and it was not really for the sake of Allah.

Hence, ultimately, this is telling us even the highest of deeds can be of no avail if the hearts are sick or corrupt. What we hear, what we see and what we speak of effects the heart, thus the place of the heart should occupy with great attention. We have to be more aware of the state of our hearts, as the heart is where our iman lies.

The softness of one’s heart is a noble attribute of a true Muslim. If it is absent, then one is accompanied by distress. Those who lack the softness of the heart will live very miserable lives, as they are in obvious misguidance. God forbid, misery to those whoever hear the words of the Quran and they do not become fearful nor humble. “Woe to those whose eyes are reminded of the Words of Allah, but they do not weep in fear of Him. Woe to those who are reminded of the Warnings of Allah and they do not humble themselves to His Words”.

It is a great blessing to have a soft heart. When one’s heart is hard, how can they be happy with themselves? The empty feeling and loneliness tend to linger and life cannot be enjoyed. It would be difficult to find peace to the mind and heart when the heart is as hard as a rock to Allah and His teachings.

“Whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgement.”  [Al-Quran: 20:124]