The heart is fragile yet it knows no boundaries, engraving itself into a powerful entity. We have poured our heart over softening a hardened heart, and one would want to make the effort to change for the better: for themselves and for their life hereafter. What better way than to turn to Allah the Almighty?

How can one achieve it? It is no secret in order for us to soften a hard heart is to;
1) Remembering and fearing Allah
2) Remember Death and Day of Resurrection
3) Reflecting on the Quran
4) Carrying out good deeds

Remembering and fearing Allah
By fearing Allah is definitely the supreme basis of keeping away from sins and maintaining the purification of one’s heart from all the worldly temporary enjoyments. However, nothing softens the heart more than asking Allah to soften it and make it merciful. Your dua will soften the heart and Allah is the One who will soften it. If you have faith in your dua, it will be answered. We must believe it and it has to be sincere. If we call upon Allah sincerely, he will soften the heart,

“Call on Me and I will answer you” [40:60]

Remember Death and the Day of Resurrection
When we remember the Hereafter and remember our death, it will be of service to soften a hard heart. A majority of our problems are due to the negligence of the fact that we more often than not, indulge in materialistic values and worldly desires. This ultimately will lead us towards further avoidance of our religious obligations such as praying five times a day. Even snoozing your alarm to eventually skip the Fajr prayer is a type of negligence.

Our lives are such that we become so occupied with the things of this life that we forget that we are not here forever. As Allah said, the gathering of wealth has deluded human beings to the realities of life. The world itself is a temporary place to live in and everybody will be responsible for its actions and will be rewarded accordingly.

Reflecting on the Quran
The Quran is a book of guidance is Islam and it is in the Quran that we benefit from. We were taught from young to read the Quran regularly and not only leaving it until Ramadhan. Today, Ramadhan is not complete unless we read the whole Quran. This has become the priority in finishing the Quran in Ramadhan, and if you can finish it twice, the better.

By reciting the Quran, it leads us towards the uprightness as it teaches us to avoid or divert from the way of the Shaytaan. Allah SWT has given the example of a mountain and described its trembling state when the Quran was revealed on it. Thus, if a hard rock can soften up because of fear of the Lord, then one can easily understand the extent to soften a heart for the sake of Allah.

We should believe that Allah is speaking to us through the Quran because that is what it is. There are so many verses throughout the Quran that constantly reminds us of the Hereafter and the Day of Judgment. The Quran speaks about the life to come and ways to reflect on it.

Carrying out good deeds
Carrying out good deeds is also a way to soften our hearts, especially when they are done sincerely for Allah SWT. Take, for example, praying five times a day. Some people find it rather heavy to carry out these prayers, which is compulsory for all Muslims. Some carry these prayers as simple as breathing.

Everyone knows it is a mistake to go do things that He did not command us to do, if we have no carried out the five prayers on time, then it does not matter whatever else we do. It becomes useless.

If we cannot do what Allah SWT has commanded us to do, then ask yourself this, “how can you please Allah in anything else?” We as His creation must remember that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us, “The Hellfire is veiled by the things that are pleasing to us and Paradise is veiled by the things that we do not like”, such as nafsu, our worldly desires.

Admit it, us humans prefer the easy way: not praying or even work for it. We just want things to be handed to us, to be spoonfed. Just going straight to heaven from doing nothing worthy. This is our nature, we would be happy with that.

However, we often forget that prayer is for our own benefit. We pray but we are not benefiting Allah, rather they are for the benefit of ourselves- our Iman. Prayer is for us and it is considered to be a time of pleasure and should not be seen as a burden. If you still see it as a burden, raise your hands, and pray. Believe and God’s willing, Allah will open up your heart to accept and soften that heart.

So, my brothers and sisters, I ask you and myself to remember our hearts; to reflect on the state of our hearts. Whenever we have a moment, work on it until we have succeeded in softening them. In our next prayer, later on, let us turn back to Allah and beg Him sincerely to soften our hearts and when we do so and if we are sincere, our hearts will begin to soften.

As I have said before, if after doing them and we still cannot find softness in our hearts, then we need to make ourselves cry. We need to force ourselves to cry because until we can let go and let loose of those feeling within ourselves, then the hearts cannot become soft. Let’s push ourselves to show such acts of kindness whenever we can and let’s encourage our families and friends to do the same.