With all the Raya Festivals going on, one can get overwhelmed with different types of design which admittedly, some I have not been exposed to. I sometimes feel lost on what to wear for Raya. What kind of outfit design I should wear for my first day of Raya, or when I have to attend a special someone’s open house? Dress the occasion they say. Well, worry not. We have it all sorted out or you!


Obviously, we all want to look our best during the first day of Raya, maybe as a reward after a long month of fasting! With this Khaleesi Cape Dress, which is designed to be comfortable and airy, with a cape attached with the perfect length, you’ll own that exquisite yet simplistic look. First day of Hari Raya is spent with our families and our grandparents, and meeting up cousins, some whom we haven’t seen in so long. With everyone looking their absolute best, this can only mean one thing : photo time! Everywhere is always a perfect opportunity for photo taking! Standout amongst your family with this deep hue of aquamarine which would definitely catch people’s eyes! Patched with fine lace that has been hand-sewn, the one looking at your dress will simply notice the embroidery and subtle beads.



This is the time when all eyes will be on you! Being the host of an open house, of course you would want to feel grandeur, but at the same time, have the freedom to roam around talking to your guests. With your own taste in fashion, match it up with an inner of your choice. Romantic pastels and attention-grabbing details this dress has, it is safe to say that you would not be needing any more accessories. A dress which has a colour combination of pastel, with embroidery and careful beading to make you look glamorous, which you probably already are. 



When you are just waiting at home, or on the last few days of Hari Raya with the ones that have missed your open house, or just wants to come over to visit and spend some quality time to catch up over traditional cakes and your famous teh tarik. You can feel the Hari Raya atmosphere is still in the air, and you still want to look good, am I right? It feels just like being the hostess at your open house, only difference is, this is more chill and laid-back. This means, you would want to wear something easy, breezy but still look fabulous. Just slip on this kaftan dress that has such soft and delicate design that simply soothes the eyes!

This Batwing Lace Dress comes in various colours and gives you the freedom to roam around. When the weather is gloomy and does nothing to inspire you, take this breezy and cotton candy coloured Kaftan dress with you to wear. Bonus point: it will match the sorbet in your hand, if you’re having it.



Being in a big family, or with extended families, or one with endless lists of friends to visit, there surely be a lot of places to go! They may be spread out and living across the country, maybe an hour or two away, or you have to cross the border. Either way, long car rides sure make you want to dress comfortably, yet elegantly. The top kaftan our model is wearing is patched with a fine red lace at the edge of the kaftan and on the neckline, perfect to be styled with this Petals Skirt that has ruffles in the in the middle which creates a good flow.

This colour combination is bright and bold and surely lets you make a statement once you step out of the car! Minimal meets borderline splendour, breezy and most importantly, comfy. The Petals Skirt comes in dark red (pictured), emerald green, peach and baby blue.



Raya is more colourful when celebrated with friends. Some friends who really are like family to you. So this year’s Raya, pull your style off with this Audrey Beaded Kaftan, a loose and flowy top combined with a knotted skirt. It looks like it’s a two-piece, but really, it’s a one-piece dress. A dress, a satin dress which give you enough shine, that not only can you don during raya, but very suitable to be worn to dinner or event gatherings as well!

It comes in a variety of colours, perfect for the day and night (and beyond!). So, go ahead and enjoy chatting with your friends in this dress and don’t forget your priorities – selfies!


How To Get Your Hands On These Beautiful Pieces

To get these pieces, head over to Butik Noor Adlina at Jalan Kiarong, Simpang 41-1-12. Other than kaftan dresses, tops and skirts, they also have laces and chiffons for their ‘Special Raya Festive Promo’. The laces are priced at 2 metres for BND$55, and for the chiffons, 3.5 metres, 60 inch drop is at BND$22. Buy more than one and get special prices. If you are from Malaysia, fret not! They can ship your orders to you! For more information, go to their Instagram at @ButikNoorAdlina.