We have all been at a point where we were bright, ready and filled with a strong intention to be the very best among one another. You still remember fighting for that dream job, scholarship or even a place in a programme that you know will bring you places. You filled in the application form with all the hopes in the world and even began to imagine the endless possibilities. You’ve sent the three pages of documents that reflect a timeline of you and the wait began. It could be days, weeks or even months as you subconsciously clung to the phone or email for that important notification sound. However, it seems that only on the days when you least expect it, and most probably had forgotten about the very existence of your application is when a call is received.

The First Preliminaries/(The Test)

Normally at this stage, you would feel ecstatic, like a newborn millionaire. You share the news to your family, friends and loved ones with pride. A test has your name on it, and all you have to do is do well. Seems easy enough, right? You read and research endlessly, from old newspapers to the latest online news, and even the company’s history in a fit of anxiety.

However, the moment between the second you step into the examination room, and the step you leave behind has somehow become a distant daze. Did you answer the questions well enough? Did I give the answers that they wanted? Were there any trick questions? Did I mention everything that I needed to write?

Without even realizing it, another waiting period has begun. By this time your bedroom has become your sanctuary and the sun seems no different from the moon. You begin to adapt to a routine: laundry time at 10am, errands at noon and high tea at 4pm. Furthermore, you have start to accept the possibility of defeat; after all, no news means no chance.

The Second Preliminaries/(The Interview)

A champion, like Muhammed Ali; perhaps you did float like a butterfly and sting like a bee during the first round. Now it’s time to truly shine, and let the voice of your determination be the ticket to your destination. You jab them with your experience, and a bit of your winning charm; deflect the question with an impressive answer. At the end of the interview, you’ll feel great, not in an arrogant way, but enough to know you’ve left a good impression.

The Third Preliminaries/(The News)

News start to come in that the chosen individual has been informed, and will begin their new venture.  Sadly, you are not one of them. The first normal response by anyone would be sadness, perhaps even devastation beyond relief, and above all disappointment. You were so close and yet still far away.

A Positive Outlook

However, know that it is never your fault. Like I’ve said before; we have all been there, feeling all the different forms of emotion, with the lingering question, “Are we not worthy?” The answer to that question is of course, yes, we are. Take what seems to be a failure as an opportunity to learn from all of the mistakes that you feel you might have made. Upgrade yourself to the best possible you, and you will find that right path that will truly bring you places.