Today, on the 1st of February, marks a day to recognise all our sisters that choose to wear the hijab and choose to live a life of modesty. The World Hijab Day. Whether you are new, or have been wearing one ever since you can even remember, here at Muslyfe, we celebrate this change by narrowing down some of the styles that may take the year by storm. So if you’d like to see what are the trends of this year, keep on reading!

2017 has shown us is that our Muslim ladies from all over the world have become more empowered and more stylish with how they style themselves with their hijab. Those eye-catching OOTD’s on your Instagram’s explore page, or that new outfit that recently got published on your favourite online store. There is no doubt that 2018 will be another year of daring fashionistas. Be it square scarves or even shawls, plain or patterned, there’s just so many ways to style them!

I for one wish to try to wear all of these for my everyday wear, going to events, going to work or simply buying groceries! To me, using different styles is a way of expressing yourself, being creative and open to new styles. We’re all looking for something easy to wear, less hassle, and be stylish at the same time. So you might wonder, what are the hijab fashion trends that we’ve predicted will have our sisters/ladies wearing this year? As promised, the list is below!

NEW – Classic, Smart and Fun!

In the modern and fast paced environment we are in today, certain fashion trends are bound to come and go within a different time frame. Our generation today are bold and stylish, they can come up with their own fashion statements which is always refreshing. Today, every lady are particular with what they’re wearing, from embroideries to embellishments, and bold with colours. It’s exciting, really! 

 Everlasting – Never go wrong! 

Common hijabs in most countries are basic in terms of their design, with just one colour and a lack of patterns. This year has seen the emergence of beautiful hijab creations. We’ve become more open and creative, we want to be sophisticated and professional at the same time. 

On-The-Go – Quick and easy!

We’ve found that everyone’s go to style is something airy, loose, easy to wear, flowy and uses less pins as possible. I’m sure I can speak for all that losing pins is what happens on a daily basis! Well ladies, these are some solutions to your everyday problems!

We’re inspired by the beautiful Muslimahs from all over the globe! But of course, this is just our prediction. We at Muslyfe can’t wait to see what 2018 has in stores for us with everybody’s never-ending creativity and styles!