With our sophisticated invitees striking many vogue poses as they got to know their fellow career-women audience members, the uncontrollable “Mmmm!”s upon biting into Ochado Café‘s delectable sandwiches and AclAir BN‘s irresistable eclairs; Muslyfe‘s first Style Meet-Up held at the Ochado Cafe on Sunday, the 4th of April, themed ‘The Career Woman’s Guide to Looking Good and Feeling Good‘, was without a speck of doubt, a success!

Treats from Ochado Café amongst the decor courtesy of Truffle Moments.
(PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Muslyfe invited three stylish, inspiring women to become panel members and expound on their experiences in the respective paths that they have taken to become the successful women they are now, to an equally stylish and eager audience. Our panel members included the glowing, twin-bearing Nura Mat Yasin, the unstoppable spinning princess Sharon Cheng and none other than Patricia Li, manager of Laneige Brunei.


Nura Mat Yasin, in all her glowing glory, talking about the importance of a balanced diet to the career woman. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Nura, in between joking quips, reminded our audience members of the importance of a balanced diet to the working woman. Her section of the Style Meet-Up was greeted with excited whips of hands into the air from our excited guest invitees, along with numerous questions on the ideal foods to consume for the busy career woman. Overall, Nura, a dietitian who has worked for years with the Ministry of Health, effortlessly impressed the audience with her extensive knowledge on a healthy diet.

“I’m not a size two, but that doesn’t stop me.” – Sharon Cheng

Sharon Cheng, spinning instructor, shares an inspiring story about her weight loss. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

Following Nura’s sharing session was the fitness segment of the Style Meet-Up. With a touching story on her weight-loss achievement, Sharon inspired everyone in attendance and undoubtedly ignited everyone’s drive to begin a healthy and fit lifestyle. During the Style Meet-Up, much to the awe of everyone who listened to her moving words, it was clear that Sharon was the epitome of maintaining an active, exercise-filled schedule for the purpose of fitness rather than for mere beauty.

Patricia Li emphasizing the importance of knowing in depth the beauty products one chooses to use. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The last panel member for the Style Meet-Up, Patricia, or known to most of us as just Pat, graced the audience members with her wisdom and knowledge on beauty– She expounded on the importance on acquiring the details of the beauty products one uses, for the blind usage of these products can prove to be dangerous. Everyone in attendance clung onto her words as if they were valuable pearls falling out of her mouth, because she, with her confident demeanor, displayed what seemed to be a boundless knowledge on beauty.

“It is important to maintain a holistic lifestyle” –  Patricia Li

Mumtazah, immersed in concentration, applying make-up for a complete under-five-minute look with products from Laneige. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The penultimate event invited onto the floor two divine public figures of the Brunei fashion industry: Nabilah Masli, the beauty and brains behind Nabzybeau and fashion and lifestyle blogger Mumtazah, to demonstrate to the audience, with make-up and beauty products supplied by Laneige, their ways of applying make-up under or in just five minutes, which they did effortlessly.


The contents of the goodie boxes from Laneige Brunei. (PHOTO: Muslyfe)

The Style Meet-Up ended with a pleasant surprise courtesy of Laneige Brunei; every single person in attendance received a box adorned with white and blue, filled with beauty goodies from Laneige Brunei itself. It was fitting to end such a beautiful and exciting event with squeals of jubilance from the goodie boxes’ recipients and with the audience and panel members’ enthusiasm running high.

It was a galore of milk-tea, beauty products and spirited conversation at our first ever Style Meet-Up last Sunday afternoon at Ochado Café. The event was as casual as it was beautiful, thanks to the impeccable decoration provided by Truffle MomentsSmiles and laughter were all around, as were our invitees’ seamless sense of style, unique to each individual. We at Muslyfe wish all of our guests incredible success in their future endeavours, as they live out their lives as career women, not forgetting to look and feel good in all that they set out to do.