The word “success” is a word of brilliance and a threat. Upon hearing this word, people would spontaneously think of multi-millionaire and well-known businessmen. Being envious of one’s success has its goodness in the way that it is awe-inspiring and motivates the other to dream of becoming something more. On the other hand, it could be menacing to a few, such that jealousy and possibly unscrupulous acts might linger in one’s heart and mind.

More often than not, people tend to assume that success is what they have. If a person has four Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini cars, or a large mansion with a vast swimming pool, or a globally-known business, they are considered a successful person. True, but come what may, success is often defined by a person’s tangibility. Because of this, people wrongly perceive that they would have to work hard in order to get these things, and only then would they be considered “successful”. Let me say first, that there is not wrong in getting your hands dirty to get what you want. In fact, you are highly encouraged to do so.

But it is not right when your whole perception of success is focused only on money and being mercenary. This could have the implication that no matter how hard you try, when there seems to be no visible signs of affluence, you would consider yourself a failure, even though you’re a victor in your own field of influence.

Let’s redefine success.

Success is when you have finally achieved what you have dreamed of; your goal, your career and your growth. Success is not only when you own tangible assets, but what you have in you that has changed you to become a better person. Success is when you managed to go through rough times and unforgiving impediments, all those times you got back up when life knocked you hard to the ground. Life can be a bully. The world is unfair and will always be against you. But are you really going to let them get to you?

Fight back.

Through your bruises and wounds filled with salt, get back on your feet and do what you have to do. Take a deep breath, head up and walk strong and confident. Like a bully, when they see that you don’t let them get to you, they’ll fall back and ignore you eventually. That’s how it is with life. When you defeat life and the world with your triumph, that is when you are content with what you have, what you’ve achieved intangibly; you will grow to be wiser and you will learn from mistakes. That’s when you know, you’re already a successful person.

Henceforth, success is not what you have, but who you are.