Eating right for suhoor during Ramadan will positively help out in the long run. This is especially significant if you have a daytime job where it requires you to be in optimum shape throughout the day. It’s difficult, especially if you can’t hydrate yourself to keep the energy at it just a little while longer.

However, to prevent your stomach from rumbling as early as 9 o’clock in the morning, you can really make the most out of the ton of energy that the following foods provide.


Easily the best recommended food to eat during your suhoor. It’s quick to make, especially through your sleepy, half-lidded eyes at 3 in the morning. Here are a few reasons why it’s really an effective food to eat for your suhoor:

It’s high in fibre

What this means is that fibre drags the process of digestion and paces itself slowly. So when fibre is broken down unhurriedly, so do the nutrients and the energy packed into the food. It’s the type of food which will steadily supply you with energy throughout the day. It’s the perfect food to keep you feeling less sluggish by the time the sweltering hot afternoon sun hits you.

Some tips

Get creative and toss in some fruits and a bit of milk in your oatmeal bowl. If you want to really top up your fibre intake, banana slices are recommended. They’ll definitely make your suhoor meal less bland. Remember to drink plenty of water after this meal as fibre does absorb quite a bit of water from the body.


The best thing about eggs is that they take an average of 5 to 10 minutes to whip up a meal with them. Eggs are a versatile food. You can cook them in various ways; fried, boiled, half-boiled, you name it.

They have protein

Much like fibre, protein is digested slowly. It is broken down into amino acids to create energy. As eggs have a significant amount of protein, this means that you will be able to fend off your growling stomach for a little while longer.

Some tips

Toast some bread and add an omelette for a very filling suhoor that can give you the drive to power through the day. To top up that protein power, avoid white bread and use wholemeal bread. This is because white bread has very little whole grain content. Wholemeal bread has greater nutrient content and digestibility. Compared to white bread, whole grain can balance the blood glucose levels not only after breakfast, but after lunch and dinner too, portraying a sustained effect.


Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) recommended the eating of dates in Ramadan. He has stated (narrated by Ahmad): “Break your fast by eating dates as it is purifying.”

Dates are rich in sugar, therefore making it mini nutrient powerhouses. They supply the body with enough energy and nutrients for the brain cells and nerves. Moreover, they can be digested easily so you won’t have any troubles with stomach aches. This is especially true when you’re still in the middle of adapting to eating a meal way early in the morning.

Some tips

Accompany your dates with a glass of milk, which will be able to hydrate you. Also it’s high in protein, so that’s more energy for you!

Food that you should try to avoid

It goes without saying, there are certain food which might be tempting to eat. You might be eyeing the packet of instant noodles in the food cabinet. It’s easy to give into the desire. As you yawn and rub your fist against your sleepy eyes, you contemplate that there’s a very good reason why it’s called instant noodles.

If you really think about it, instant noodles have an extremely high concentration in saturated fats and sodium. This results in you feeling thirstier and hungrier in a short amount of time, compared to food rich in fibre and protein. Not an ideal way to help you energise for the whole day.

Discourage eating your suhoor during midnight

Because you can’t be bothered to wake up at 4am, right? It’s tempting, for sure. But it’s definitely not convenient for you if you really want to level up your energy for the next day. If you start your suhoor at the intended time, your body will be able to adjust in the distribution of energy to tackle the fasting day.

Hopefully these will help you survive the day without having your stomach do all the talking by lunch time. Happy fasting!