The world seems to be built for extroverts. It’s easy to feel that our world is a lot more convenient if you’re an extrovert. As early as childhood, you are conditioned to think that to have friends, you need to be able to talk to other kids. Teachers find it easier to elicit answers from the more outgoing students in class than the quieter ones. There is a constant pressure to be involved in social gatherings because popularity is set on a higher pedestal. It is the norm.

If you aren’t able to talk to other kids, or unable to freely express yourself in front of the classroom without fumbling your words and feeling embarrassed, or bailing out on social gatherings because you would rather be alone — it comes off as not being in the ‘norm’. That being an introvert is abnormal.

Not going to lie, if you’re an introvert, it’s draining to keep up in the world of extroverts, but it’s not impossible!

Here are some tips:

It’s Okay To Decline

As introverts, your energy is quickly drained by social settings with large groups of people. Declining plans to hang out once in a while isn’t as bad as you think it is. What’s more important is that you get the deserved ‘me time’ and recharge your socialising mojo for the next time you hang out with your friends.

Play To Your Strengths

It is also known that introverts are better at communicating in writing than in speaking, which is why we would rather respond to a text message than answer a phone call. Introverts are very in tune with other people’s emotions and perhaps that’s why they are usually regarded as the best listeners. They pay more attention to detail and see things that other may miss, which is actually an important skill to have. At least you won’t be skipping  any fine print on a shady contract any time soon.

Don’t Fear Failure

This is easier said than done. Failing is painful. It’s a lot more impactful for an introvert because it’s humiliating for them. Just remember that failing isn’t the end of the world. It can actually make you more formidable. Introverts tend to think that stepping out of their comfort zone can only mean facing the dread of the disaster that they will imminently face. Sometimes this dreaded disaster is just all in your head and that there are truly beneficial outcomes just from taking a different path than your usual route.

Skip the small talk, but smile

Talking is hard enough, but smiling doesn’t take too much muscles to move. At least you won’t be Edward Sullen.

Make Friends with Extroverts

This is the simplest tip because for some weird reason, extroverts really like introverts. The feeling is mutual, we really like extroverts. Extroverts are able to help you pave your way to make new friends. Even though it seems like you’re pretty much using them as leverage to get by in life, it isn’t really like that. The extroverts fill the empty spaces in our conversations and we in turn let them be themselves, unrestricted in their exuberance.

It is a challenge being an introvert in a world where extroverts strive, but always have faith in your strength and abilities. It’s not normally said, but introverts are always there to balance the equilibrium. They need us. And we need them too.