A collection that is reminiscent of the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era of civilization, Syomirizwa launched his newest works on Saturday, the 2nd of April in Brunei to the delight of his local fans. The Eid Luxe 2017 calls to mind the ethereal princes and princesses of ancient Persia, made contemporary in rich fabrics and incredible designs.

And yet, each of the pieces in the collection was made to flatter and complement all types of feminine silhouttes. As Syomirizwa puts out collection after collection, he seeks to captivate and tell stories that will accommodate the different personalities that are inspired by his works.

In contrast to his previous works, the Eid Luxe 2017 is created with more lavish colours in mind, with hues of shamrock, emerald interspersed with navy blues as well as bright gold, as opposed to lighthearted and cheerful shades. Appropriate, as Syomirizwa’s muse for this particular line is the last Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi.

With Farah Parlavi’s strength and grace prevalent in the pieces, as well as Syomirizwa’s vision of paying homage to a fantastical world of shimmering jewels and lush poetry by nobles of the court, one can certainly understand why he was attracted and inspired to produce such an exquisite collection.

As it is Syomirizwa’s second year of having his collection unveiled in Brunei, it was no surprise that the cosy upstairs hall of a quiet abode in the Armada Rimba estate was filled with eager anticipation, while his works were paraded before the eyes of esteemed guests.

The thirteen pieces in the line corresponds with the celebration of Syomirizwa’s thirteenth year in this industry, and his craft speaks volumes of his experience. With only a maximum of 4 slots for a custom preorder for each piece, any wearer of an item in this collection will surely feel a one of a kind resplendence, strengthened by their own unique character and story.