The sunny weather was not a deterrent for the crowds on Saturday afternoon, as women of all ages gathered around the doors of the newly opened Borneo headquarters of renown Malaysian shawl brand, Aidijuma. Held on the 17th of June, Aidijuma began its expansion into the region as it sets up its headquarters in Gadong, and the opening ceremony was a sight to behold.

From the giveaway event of the Scarf Machine, where the first 300 customers received a free shawl from a fashion truck that holds a multitude of the brand’s headscarves and shawls, to the flight of fifty white doves; Aidijuma truly embodied the tag line for their launching event: “Syukur Aidijuma Fly” (“Alhamdulillah Aidijuma Flies”)!

Datin Norjuma Habib Mohamed, the Founder and CEO of Aidijuma, shared her grateful sentiments for the successful project of launching the headquarters in her welcoming speech. This was then followed by the releasing ceremony of fifty white doves, in which guests and staff alike were all invited to participate in, as a symbol of Aidijuma reaching for new heights.

PHOTO: Muslyfe | Datin Norjuma and Mia Suria giving a talk

With the marketing partnership between BIFASH and Aidijuma, Datin Norjuma hopes to expand their services to include an e-commerce portal for their products in order to provide more access to their customers, beyond their physical stores and the mobile store in the form of the Scarf Machine. In addition, the office hours for Aidijuma’s Borneo headquarters are from 8 am to 12 noon, and they open again after lunch at 1.15 pm until 5 pm, so customers are free to come in during those times to explore the modestly-sized store that fronts the office.

In conjunction with the official launching, Aidijuma is also currently hosting a “Scarf Buffet”, where customers are able to come to the stores and shop for products as affordable as BND3 a piece. “We always say we aren’t cheap,” Datin Norjuma says, however. “There are many other brands that are cheaper; we are branded scarves that are affordable. Nowadays, scarves seem to be a compulsory accessory among Muslim women, therefore we want to be the game changer, game player in the modest fashion market. At the end of the day, the customer’s happiness and satisfaction is very important to us.”

PHOTO: Muslyfe | BubbleGumHijab giving a tutorial with Bashharry

The event included a showcase of hijab tutorials by two Bruneian bloggers, Bashharry, jeeradoesfashion, and BubbleGumHijab, a UK blogger. They happily showed several different ways to style the bawal scarf, proving its merit as an incredibly adaptable headpiece and why it’s a personal favourite for many hijabis.

Datin Norjuma and Mia Suria, the founder of BIFASH also had a casual talk about the history of Aidijuma, and their numerous products, as well as the brand’s famous tag lines, #ScarfWithSoul and “Wear it as you”. “The tag line gives you identity, and it reminds you of your core values, and the core values of the business. What else do we do in life if not to feed our soul?” Datin Norjuma emphasised. “It’s a symbol of our acknowledgement that everyone is unique, because our brand gives our customers a chance to express their own individuality in the way they wear their scarves.”

In her message for our Muslyfe readers, Datin Norjuma stressed the importance of being able to work together, especially those aspiring to make it big in entrepreneurship. “For me, being a young entrepreneur isn’t all about money. Start small, plan big, move faster. When we talk about the millennial entrepreneur, it’s all about speed; who gets there first wins. But the more important thing is that we work together, and that’s where we come in the picture. We work closely with a lot of other brands and I believe that’s how millennial entrepreneurs should move forward.”

We’re definitely excited for more from Aidijuma, and we eagerly look forward for what they have in store for the modest fashion industry!