A good pampering session can balance us from the inside out, refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating us, making us happier from the inside and feel saner, all of which we will carry us into our dealings with the world out there.

To award ourselves the gift of some pamper time can turn all this around. Being content with ourselves is the foundation of inner peace and the enjoyment of life, kindness to ourselves and builds our inner strength and make us feel worthy and cared for. When we feel that way, we are able to engage fully with all aspects of our lives. We need the time to reconnect with what really matters and just BE. It is like a mental, emotional physical holiday which is crucial when we’re under particular pressure.

We need to create our sanctuaries, according to the ways that suit us. Have some time off to relax completely. However, don’t have a pamper session every day, as it will just become a habit and won’t feel as special. You will appreciate and benefit from it far more if you treat it as something special.

Allow yourself to pause and look deep within, spend some family time. We’re all busy doing our own thing. Sometimes we don’t even to stop to talk and do things together as adults, something we used to do when we were all younger. I’ve made a list of a few activities we can do to pamper ourselves or just to have a little time-out from life and just relax.

  1. BEACH DAY WITH FAMILY. Build a sandcastle, listen to the waves, feel the sand in between your toes and count to three till the water reaches your feet. Bring a basket of your favourite food and eat
  2. ROAD TRIP. What better way to spend with your family than being in a car with them for hours? No timetables, no schedules, no nothing. You can do what you want freely at your own pace. Listen to awesome road trip music, whoever’s playlist it belongs to. Love it or hate it, you might get stuck with their music.
  3. POOL OR BEACH DAY. Have a pool or a beach day on the weekend. A pool or beach day is perfect to do as a family as the kids or teens will finally be distracted by the water or playing around. This can be an opportunity to work get some sun as well as tire the kids out for later. For those living in colder countries, this might not always be an option, but take advantage of the warm weather in the summer while you can. For those from warmer countries can use this all throughout the year to relax and unwind. Don’t forget your beach essentials, especially sunscreen!
  4. HAVE A STAYCATION. A portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation”. Traveling to another country or to a resort is not your only option for a vacation. Plan your very own “staycation” and unwind within, or just outside your own four walls.
  5. PLAN A GROUP PACKAGE AT THE SPA. A nice massage, a nice scrub or doing your nails. Whether you’re seeking for a burst of adventure, a quick detox, or a girls-only trip, these spas will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  6. HAVE A BARBECUE. A barbecue party with your family, especially on the weekends or holidays lets you and everyone else have a good time. Have your taste buds nourished with the succulent meat and tasty vegetables? Cook some amazing food and allow yourself get lost in the aroma of it all.