If you were born in the early 90’s, you might have gotten the chance to make cut-outs from fashion magazines; for a school project, for your own portfolio, or just for the sake of having fun. With the emergence of technology coming into our lives, we can do that using the Internet with a site called Polyvore. It lets you shop and style the latest fashion trends, for the days when your mood is “I having nothing to wear”.

It’s something fun and makes it easy to style your outfits, and shop for the clothes you wish to have and for the clothes that you love. Be your own editor, move items around and publish your sets of clothes to other users in the community.

To bring it to life, this can actually means decluttering your already exist outfit out from your wardrobe and try to mix and match it to form an outfit! Here are some of our style layout for you to save your time thinking how to style!

To be out in the sun!

A flowy maxi dress (and this time, abstract! Try to get out from the flowery pattern) over a poncho styled outerwear with an open toe slippers that allows you to walk and feel the warm sandy beach. Ahh, I can feel the sea breeze already!

Ready, set… RUN!

There’s a reason why sports wear are always in black! No matter how many colours I have in my wardrobe, I always tend to pick out the easiest option. And also, you do not have to worry looking like a defrost green pea bag after an intense work out!

Some thing.. modest

Wearing something modest does not mean wearing something boring! Take out that pleated skirt dress you always wanted to wear and put on that heels to amp the whole look up! Wear a tone down colour for a modest feel and you’re done!

Casual Day Out

Whether it’s ladies day out or just a walk to the park, nothing will ever go wrong with showing that feminine side of you, but who says you are required to wear high heels? A ballet flat can make you feel just as feminine and comfortable walking around with your girls!

Meeting people clash dinner kind of thing

For those days you just want to look stylish while meeting a client but do not want to over do it to make it look like you have a date with your clients, then take out that stiletto and a plain attire with pattern headscarf to make you look more fashionable!

By decluttering your outfit, it helps form your ability to create seamlessly sets of collages on a blank canvas or on your mind, enables your creativity senses and allows you to be artistic and stylish. Plus, by mixing and matching your existing items help you to eliminate over-spending your time and money thinking that you have ‘no enough clothes’.